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Concept 2 the best rower?

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Going to buy a rowing machine to put on my covered balcony. How noisy are these things? Is the D model probably my best bet? Want something to use about 5x a week.

Thanks guys.
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It is probably the best widely available one. There is the Oartec slider, but I haven't used it so can't comment.
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concept 2's are pretty much the standard (says the guy with a concept 2 avatar)

see you in the "how many meters did you row/erg today" thread smile.gif
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I like them. I don't think they are very noisy. Most of all you get a great workout and a good readout. I think you will be satisfied. I would look for a used one a save a bundle.
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I've no comparison to other rowers as I've only rowed on Concept 2 and older models (concept 1?), but it's an excellent rower. It's widely used by rowing clubs for winter fitness and there is lots of training data available. Therefore it is easy to compare your trainings to those of others in every stage of your fitness. I'f i'd buy a rowing machine I'd buy a concept 2. The one complaint you may have is that it's overengineered for a single person to be using.

And of course the noise, allthough the later generations are more quiet.

By the way, rowing on such a machine takes lots of discipline since it can be mindnumbingly boring or at least that was my experience*. You sound like a disciplined guy though, so that may not matter to you. If you'll proceed, I'd take some sort of rowing class or at least watch some youtube videos if I were you. The few times I've been in fitness clubs I've seen all sort of posture problems on a rowing machine.

*I've rowed between ages eleven and 22. The last 5-6 of those years I trained between 3 and 10 times a week, about a third-fourth of those trainings on a rowing machine.
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Another reason to get a C2 is it is easier to track your progress against other people. It really is the standard.

As far as rowing programs - this one is pretty solid:
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