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The Frank Leder thread

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In this thread we will discuss all things Frank Leder. Taken from the sw site,

Frank Leder studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, where he was awarded an MA with distinction. He developed his brand while still in College, establishing himself in London with forward thinking Fashion Shows as well as contributing as Art Director and Stylist to Fashion Magazines like i-D and Sleazenation. Through these works, Leder dealt with his position in the fashion industry in an intellectual way. His work often breaks with the idea of a traditional method of presentation by proposing a different viewpoint. Showing from 2000 to 2002 at London Fashion Week, he switched to the Mens Fashion Week in Paris, after moving 2002 to Berlin. 2002 Frank Leder was awarded the Deutsche Bank Pyramid Award in England.

The Leitmotiv of Frank Leders work is an authentic and concise expression of German culture and history. All collections have a strong concept, clear vision and integration of German cultural elements, often creating a whole storyline around collections, which work on different levels of perception. His clothes function on a surface level but also invite you to take a closer look. The garments are rooted in German history, using references from workwear to traditional mens tailoring, but combining those images with contemporary cuts and unusual, but accessible and interesting ideas, making them essentially modern in their wearability and approach. Themes of his collections deal with the course of life of his father, traditional German societies like fighting students and small town firemen brigades, German workmen people like miners, bakers and butchers, military themes like submarine men or Germanys colonial past. In combining a mischievous curiosity with a nod to tradition and a healthy sense of humour, Leder has created his very own niche in contemporary fashion.

For creating his visual universe, Leder is mainly working together with German photographer Gregor Hohenberg. Whether staging a show for the blind or inviting buyers and press to view his collection in his father’s hometown in bohemia, he has made it clear that he will play the game with his own rules in a way he feels comfortable with.

The collections are completely produced in Germany, with great attention to details and workmanship, using mainly fabrics from German companies. Traditional German fabrics are being sourced, like Deutschleder or Schladminger, which have become signature pieces. The buttons Leder uses on his garments are mainly vintage, antique buttons from the 1920/30’s.

Gentlemen, hook up the pics.
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What's the sizing like? I've never seen this stuff in person, but I appreciate the German influences on some of pieces that I've seen in pictures.

And who else is carrying his line besides SW? Lark was selling it at some point.

His place was just featured in HUGE recently as well, will try and get scans. Seems like a cool dude.
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Good thread

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Also, here's the HUGE feature via the189 (more pics there)

1000 1000

700 700
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That is a damn nice house
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The Joseph Roth theme is pretentious but the clothes are great. I love the outerwear, especially the blazers, and that dark red linen shirt.
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Here's the F/W 11 complete lookbook if anyone cares

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Looks like he is wearing a fake beard and mustache.
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How dare you !


and some eyeliner too.
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he doesn't even look real
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Checked the stuff out today at sw and I have to say that the pictures on his site don't convey the fabrics well. Solid solid construction and precise tailoring, the stuff runs slim in the shoulder and arms and about true to size in the chest/slightly big so get measurements. All the pieces are good, knits fit boxy and shirts look good in person. My two favorite things were the blue button up and the salt and pepper cardigan. Unfortunately some of the sizes are sold out in the stuff, predict this stuff won't last too long.

On a side note, the margaret howell is really good right now.
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Did You by chance try on the blazer? They have a 40 listed as a small. Would you say it fits like a US size 40? In general, the sizes they list, is a small truly a small or is a small more a medium? Hopefully my questions make sense.
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I didn't try on the blazer just a shirt and two cardigans. If I go in there again this week I will, the blazer is nice I just can't fit into the stuff bc of the sleeves are so slim.
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Thanks. I appreciate it if u do
post #15 of 258 has a pretty comprehensive Fall 2011 gallery (which I posted below, I'm nice like that) with a bunch of nice fabric detail shots (I'm not that nice).

FALL 2011 (Click to show)

They also have lots of fit pics that you can check here
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