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Anyone Use De La Vega Tailors?

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I did a search but couldn't find anything. Has anyone ever used them before? Experience, quality? Thanks
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I've been taking a look at their website too, and would like to know the opinion of those who tried them. Any comments on fit and quality would be appreciated.

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I ordered a suit online at their website. They will first send me a test suit to confirm my measurements. I will let you know how is it going.

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I received my Test suit a few days ago. It is a test to check my measurements, so it is not made with the fabric I chose (wool & silk grey fabric). I think that most of the  measurements are correct. I wanted a slim fit, so I think that pants could be slimmer, especially below the knee. Jacket length, sleeve length and shoulders width are ok, waist, thigh and crotch are ok too.
I'm going to send them an email with the modifications I want to make in the final suit, but before, I would be glad to hear any comment/suggestion from you guys. Thanks. 
The design of the final suit is: notched lapels, slanted pockets (with ticket pocket), working buttonholes, horn buttons, slim fit, double vent and silk lining. I'm wearing a pair of black oxfords, which is one of the pairs that I plan to wear with the suit.
test suit.JPG
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Last week I got my test suit. They basically nailed it. I guess at some point next week I'll get the final suit and can't wait to see how it looks and fits with the minor corrections I ordered and with the actual fabric (100% wool, 275 gr).
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Looks good, leonel. I'm on my phone now so I can't give a detailed critique.

Thanks guys for posting. Def would love to hear updates.
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Leonel, something looks a little off in the shoulders. I can't tell exactly what's happening from the pic because it's a little far away. Do you see the rolls in the fabric in the shoulders and upper arms? Compare that to the pic below of a suit with a good fit in the shoulders / upper arms:


Otherwise, I think it looks great. Has it been pressed? Maybe it just needs a good pressing.
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Never heard of the concept of a test suit before..
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Leonel, something looks a little off in the shoulders....

+1, you may also consider (i) lowering your buttoning point, and (ii) look closely at the quarters (I would have said to just open them more, but there seems to be something funky going on, like overlapping. could just be the picture though).
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Yes, I didn't know about this test suit option before, it seems they invented it. The only thing is that It takes more time, but they told me the test suit is going to be needed only the first time.
Telefonica, I didn't press it. I also can see what you mention about the shoulders, but the test fabric is very thin and without lining. I asked them about it, but they assure this won't happen with the final suit. We'll see. I will show you the final suit pictures once I get it. Thanks for your comments!
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I ordered a jacket from these guys a while back. For whatever reason, they never sent me the promisesd test jacket, they just sent the final version. It fit fine everywhere but the shoulders, which look a lot like the ones in the above pic. My tailor said the pitch of the arms was off and he could fix it, but I never bothered as I don't really like the jacket that much.

Way more shoulder padding than I was expecting, too,

They also ant me a free shirt which was super-cheap and unwearable.
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I got my suit so now I can now comment about the final result. In general I'm very happy. That is, of course, considering that the suit is on the lower price point. But that's something to be expected, since no one could assume to get a Kiton or a Savile Row bespoke suit for 500€.
The fit is good, it really looks that was made for my measures. The pants are comfortable and the general construction of the suit looks nice.
But I have to agree that the biggest problem is with the shoulders. They look ok, nothing to really complain about, but they were unable to make them to my request even as they tried. So the result is a slightly wider shoulder than I like and the padding is quite prominent, even if they used the smallest they have. Other big problem IMO is that they don't offer the possibility of a fully canvased jacket.
So for a budget option is a very good option. But keeping in mind that you will get what you pay for. Haven't seen them live, but I guess that a Benjamin suit could be a better option...
What they didn't do very well is the shirt (but it was free, so I don't really care). The fit was loose even if I gave them the measures of my other shirts which are quite slim fitted. And the quality of the fabric is quite mediocre, but again, I didn't expect more since it was free.
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I got my suit. In overall I'm very happy. After confirming my measurements with the test suit, the final suit fits good.They also sent me a free shirt which is quite decent and fits well, but I agree that their suits are much better that their shirts. 

A good point is that they already have my exact measurements. I will probably buy some more clothes (thinking of a coat and a blazer). Waiting for any comments!


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I think it looks very nice.
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Wow! I agree, it looks very good!
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Not bad at all.
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