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Places to shop in NYC?

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Hi guys,


I have been reading the forums for a long time but now I need a little direct advice.


I am going to be in New York next month. I am getting married next year and I was hoping to pick up a few things for the wedding, as well as other things while I am there. It would be a shame not to take advantage of the exchange rate.


Could you make some suggestions for stores I should check out.

Where should I go for shoes, belts, ties, shirts that kind of thing. I will be visiting the major stores but I do not want to miss out on any gems.






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Thanks Patrick. That is exactly the type of place I am looking for. Any other suggestions?

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Bergdorf Goodman
Paul Stuart
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For cufflinks try I second Leffot.
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People like you were the inspiration behind the walking tour posts on my blog. I've been meaning to do some more, but I've just been too busy lately at work and with Irene smile.gif These are fairly shoe-centric, but perhaps these will give you some ideas:

If you want to see a bit of old New York, head downtown and check out J.J. Hatters:

After J.J., you can walk over to Missing Link for some vintage cufflinks:

By then, you'll have worked up a sweat with all that shopping. Stay on the old-school tip and head over to 22nd & 5th and quench your thirst with a cherry lime rickey at Eisenberg's Deli (since 1929):

Enjoy your trip!
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Jay Kos. A unique purveyor of very elegant and original clothing.
If you are lucky to meet Jay himself you will probably cherish the visit,
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Thank you all very much for your suggestions. Leffot's seems like a great store, I look forward to visiting it. I had never heard of Paul Stuart so thank you for that suggestion.

PhiloVance, thank you for sending the links to you walking tour. They are a great read and full of great information to a sartorial tourist visiting New York.

I am looking forward to my trip all the more now.


Anywhere else I should not miss out on?





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Way too many gems in NYC to be able to experience them in all on a short trip.

The RL Mansion is a nice place to visit. It also puts you in an area of very nice stores.
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- Leffot
- Crockett & Jones (even though overpriced in comparison to Pediwear, Bodileys,...)

- Paul Stuart
- Ralph Lauren
- Turnbull & Asser
- Bergdorf
- Saks 5th Avenue
- oh....there are so many
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Thanks AlexE,


I know I will never be able to visit everywhere in a few short days, however the suggestions for you and others means I will not be walking around looking for places.


I will post any purchases I make


Thanks again to the forum


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