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Radio Is Dead

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I think radio has been dead for many years. It just sucks. Anyone else agree?
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Absolutely, other than NPR news and Coast to Coast. Podcasts are much more entertaining than horrible talk radio.
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Yes. I have not listened to regular radio in a decade.

And after the merger of XM and Sirius the satellite radio service has become a pile of shit as well.

Streaming Internet radio in cars is the next big thing.
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I wonder if it will continue to survive and in what way? Maybe just talk radio? Hip Hop, Pop, and R&B?
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The only radio I listen to is a morning show whose bits I like. Otherwise, it's all Spotify all the time. Radio shows and stations will have to carve out specific niches to survive.
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Yeah NPR is 95% of the radio I listen to. Try to listen to music stations when I'm headed to a bar or party and I'm tired of my CDs. Doesn't last long.
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i hear travel agents and print media are also in decline
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I listen to BBC radio on the internet, usually Radio 2, Radio 4 and Radio Bristol, but that's very much it.
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Originally Posted by 45elkton View Post

i hear travel agents and print media are also in decline

Print media definitely, but travel agents?
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I like it. It weekly download several podcasts too, principally from the BBC, Radio 4 which I couldn't live without; the variety on offer is unparalleled . Arts shows, comedy, discussion, politics, etc etc.

As I tend to prefer classical, 'world', experimental and jazz music, BBC Radio 3 is my go to station. Outside of these two mainstays, I listen to/download Danny Baker's Radio 5 Live Saturday two hours of trivia and ridiculousness.
I occasionally dip into foreign radio too just to see what's around.

I can't stand too much tv which treats it's audience like morons generally, and assumes they have attention spans of 5-year old, filling every space with absurd, 120bpm, pounding crap.

As I don't live in the UK and so don't have to pay the licence, it seems even better value. The recent budget cuts announced on Thursday will affect it, though. Anyone who complains at the £140-ish per year licence fee should consider what they get, and then compare it with paying £50-odd a month for Sky or some such other bollocks.
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Originally Posted by Master Milano View Post

Print media definitely, but travel agents?

Yeh, I don't think travel agents are in decline either. They're more online rather than brick 'n' mortar these days. One doesn't really need to walk into a physical shop just to buy airline tickets, package holiday or book a hotel.
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Video killed the radio star...

seriously though, I rarely listen to any radio. Maybe a bit of XM but that's it.
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I reluctantly listen to NPR. I hate it, but radio is just that bad.
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I have radio 4 on all day at home and listen a lot on headphones at work. It is a wonderful service and greatly enhances my life.
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CBS really fucked up a local station around here. 94 WYSP was bought by CBS and they basically did everything they could to get rid of Howard Stern. Stern finally left for Satellite (which I think was a really good move) and then CBS kept changing the format of WYSP and really fucked it up. They lost tons of listeners. Now, it just changed to an all sports station after being one of the biggest Philly radio stations for many years. Fucking idiots.
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