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Trip to Italy

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Looking at planing a trip to Italy next summer does anyone have any suggestions of travel agency's to go thru.  I have never gone and I am looking at taking my wife to do a little shopping for her and I both. I am thinking about doing 5 days on the ground.  Any ideas?  All help is appreciated in advance.

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Next summer?!?
Unless you are in the southern hemisphere and you are talking about 2/3 months from now, why not do it independently. Plenty of time to plan.
See tons of other threads for places to see on various time schedules.
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I'm italian.

If you tell me what would you like to see most (art cities ? Countryside ? Beaches ?) then I might be of help...

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If you have 5 days and youre interested in shopping go to Rome. You wont be able to see half of what Rome has to offer in just 5 days but theres plenty of shopping. If you want a change of scenery: take a day trip up to Pompeii. Or take 2 days, fly/drive/train up to Venice, spend the night and head back.

If money is no object, call a travel agent and tell them what youre interested in (shopping, history, beaches).

If you want to keep an eye on the costs and since you have 9 months make a budget for what you want to spend each day (flight, hotel, meals, tips, etc). Then keep an eye on or any other travel website until you find a flight that youre happy with or that is below your budget. Do the same for your hotel. Research your hotel on before you confirm a reservation.
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I would go to Northern Italy over 5 days compared to just Rome. Start in Florence, then to Podova, and end in Venice.
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