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Ralph Lauren Black Label Suit - Pricing?

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Hi, was trying to get some idea from people who have purchased RLBL suits on sale, what is the best pricing you can get them for. Also what do they usually sell for on the forum/eBay? Just don't want to pay toooo much. Might have the opportunity to pick on up in the next few weeks (at what I feel is a good price), brand new, un-altered (not from a store though). Solid blue or solid blue single pinstripe (so pretty staple colors, nothing crazy). Thanks in advance.

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$500 odd bucks on forum or eBay. In dep store, it depends. Saks Off Fifth had some at $1100 with 30% off. I have seen deals of 50% off marked price (which is usually much lower than MSRP). I had a friend who managed to score one for $450 before tax.

I dont know how B&S or eBay sellers get there wares and then have a margin of profit to make selling worthwhile in $500 - $600 bracket confused.gif.
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i have gotten really lucky with both that i have. i got a navy pinstripe for 450 and solid navy in a thrift store for 350. both in the elusive 38r.
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You can get them from the outlets for about $300. Last time I was at one they were $800 plus 50% off, then another 15% or 20% off.
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550 to 650 on the forum for staple colours (excellent used condition)
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I've seen them in the RL stores at 40% off plus 15% during the final sale periods. Colors and sizes will be limited, but the SA can check other stores and order one most of the time.
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I bought a RLBL navy, wool, peak lapel sport coat recently from the RL store on sale for about $700. It didn't look like it was going to be discounted further. However, the non-staples should get a good discount during the private sale.
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Thank you all for your quick input on the pricing of the suits. Picked this on up for $450. Seller said it's new with out tags (we shall see), un-hemmed pants, etc. Very excited about it as it's the suit I wanted before settling on a Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald due to the cost of these new in the stores. Really fell in love with the fit as soon as I tired it on and it's impossible to find 36S out of retail stores!!!




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Very nice.
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where did you get that from? Forum?
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Nicely done.  I've been looking for a 38S.

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well if it doesn't work out for you, I'm sure someone like me will take it off your hands...
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If someone can proxy for an RLBL solid charcoal 38s suit, let me know (for a fee of course).
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When do the Ralph Lauren stores usually have their sales/final sales/private sales? Been looking for a Ralph Lauren Black Label suit myself. I've been to the Boston store on Newbury Street, but haven't seen any sales the few times I've been there.


And nice pickup OP. That suit looks like it is from an eBay listing I was watching a few weeks back. Seller ended the listing early. I'm assuming you scored it.


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Don't get me started... very disappointing situation with this suit. But to answer your question on sales, RLBL does go on sale at least once a year. I was in the NYC store (I think Sacks? the one with the really nice 3rd level that is an oval and you walk around with all the high end stuff, Isaia, Brioni, etc.) and the RLBL was on sale, but still cost an arm and a leg and wasnt worth it imo.

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