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Theories on theory?

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I picked up a shirt from Theory yesterday, faux-formal (black with a diagonal pattern on the front, runnign down and extending 3 inches on either side of the placket, where the pleats might be if it were pleated). I bought it because I liked the cut and look, and it was on discount. The tag said it retailed for something like 200 dollars. I took a closer look at the shirt, and I must say that I am not impressed by the quality. The tag says it's made in China, which is never encouraging. The fabric is not particularly nice, and the stitching is clearly machined. There just doesn't seem to be much craftmanship at all - looks like something you could buy at Club Monaco or Le Chateau. So what's the deal? I don't own anything else by Theory, but I know people who swear by them, and pay exorbinant prices. I assumed that the quality was at least somewhat in line with their prices - are people being duped or is there something I don't see?
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I haven't been particularly impressed by theory in the last couple of years or so. In 2000, I saw a really cool 3/4 stretch coat that was, imo, better than a lot of the designer equivalents of that year. But I think that their styling and quality have both suffered a bit since then.
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Designer pieces rarely have a high quality/price ratio. It's a fact of life, you're paying for a name, runway shows, marketing, yachts, coke for models, etc. etc. For example, a typical BOSS Hugo Boss shirt is made overseas and is no better than an American staple like Brooks Bros./Van Heusen/etc. yet it costs 2-3 times as much.
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I have a few Theory pieces in my wardrobe. I like the way thier casual shirts fit so I buy those when I can get them on sale. They have a big price range and in my opinion the higher-end stuff is not worth it but some of the less-expensive items are.
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it's overpriced
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Definatly way overpriced, but their stretch materials are some of the best out there. I'd put the quality/price on par with Prada. Luckily, I picked up a pair of stretch Theory pants at Century 21 for $65 (retail $250). They are the most comfortable pants I own, by far. Worth $250? Certainly not, but a steal for $65, or even $150 for that matter. As for their shirts, I find them pretty nice; but then again so are Prada... albiet at a rediculous price that I would never pay. I'm not impressed at all with their outerwear, sometimes finding it repulsive.
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I own a couple a shirts from Theory... I just checked, each were made in the USA (which doesn't necessarily imply better quality over China, but I just thought I'd mention it).   So far, I'm happy with them.  I like the materials (typically a blend of cotton with polyamide or lycra), but I especially love the fit. Like a lot of people mentioned, they may be overpriced, but I think that the reality is that most stylish/designer/brand name clothes are, especially those aimed at those in their 20's.  No different from many other designers, I'd only by Theory if it were on sale...but so far I'm happy with my purchases.
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Hmm....maybe it was a second? That said, my few Theory shirts I have are the only cotton-petrochemical blend I've yet seen or touched that I'm comfortable wearing. The downsides is the icky plastic buttons. (At that price-range I don't expect handwork.) Peace, JG
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I bought a pair of Theory tuxedo pants off of Bluefly that i've been pretty pleased with. Nice fit, great stretch material. But as far as the other theory stuff I've purchased, I have to say that it's nothing to rave about. Some of the stuff is nice, but I find that you can find it executed alot better by other designers for the same price, if not less...Flam
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I've never owned anything by Theory. But I noticed a Theory store is opening up in my neighborhood on the Upper West in New York.
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