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John Smedley --- what's your opinion?

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John Smedley --- what's your opinion? Do you own any? How is it?
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How's sizing on Smedley knits? For a 39" chest, would you recommend a small or medium?
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Originally Posted by Melanzana View Post

They're excellent. I asume you're referring to the sea isle but their merinois excellent too. I've been wearing these about 40 years and they were sold under the Smedley name or a dept. store name plus the Smedley. Smedley for Saks or Bergdorffs  etc Byford and Allen Solly used to make the west indian sea isle too in England. The problem with these luxury goods is that the price has become high. If a high quality cotton polo was x years ago then a sea isle may have been 50% higher but today it's like 300% higher. All these goods in the ne plus ultra category have become a lot more expensive compared to the goods in the next lower tier. I used to use Dunhill wallets,Burberry shirts and coats etc  when I was in college and it's only looking back that I realise that these were top items. A lotof people wore cordovan shoes etc All of these items were expensive of course but these days they're relatively much more expensive.

If the sea isle Smedley's are too expensive due to demand then try the other long staple cottons like pima or egyptian. I bought some of the Lacoste pima T shirts recently and they're very good. They're now made in Peru where the best pima is grown. Get the regular lisle because it's smoother than the pique.


+1 Their merino and low micron wools are excellent. I like their Sea Island cottons for warm weather.
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Excellent, their cashmere blends are also excellent.
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Smedley Sea Island cotton is expensive but very good. It's possible to find previous seasons on eBay and Yoox at reduced prices.
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Smedley is awful! Especially in my size at discounted prices. smile.gif
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Funnily enough, I'm not as convinced by them as I used to be. Some of my older merino ones are still going strong after 15 years or more but my more recent ones haven't worn as well. Still going but clearly aren't going to last as long. Still nice things, but harder to justify paying full whack for them these days (especially as price has gone up quite a lot).
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I have their Sea Island Isis polo and love it. Their yearly sale on their website started a couple of weeks ago and may still be going on. Polos were ~$85.
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