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Hey guys, I'm working on a personal project helping to accurately portray Italian American identity (or for Italians outside of Italy in the UK, Oz, Arg, & NZ).

Was wondering if any of you guys can share some stories or experiences that you feel illustrate your own personal Italian American experience. You can post here, or pm me if you'd like, but I'm trying to talk to as many IA as possible. If you could, please tell me what generation IA you are (me, I'm a Yankee, 3rd generation born in the US), when your family immigrated (mine came in 1892, 1896, 1900 and 1903) and from what towns and regions your family is from (again, mine come from San Fele, Pz Basilicata; Corfinio, and Castel Vi Ieri Abruzzi; and Naples. If you know your family's immigration "story" and feel comfortable sharing, please do. Also, please share, if you know, when the language was lost if it was (my great grandfather refused to allow Italian to be spoken in the house, so the understanding of the language died with my grandparents). I'm looking for stories that show Italian American food ways, language, style, religion/superstition, games, etc...

Thanks in advance!