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Banned from Ask Andy  

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Because I wouldn't let him shake me down for advertising or to "review" a garment (which is a crock of sh*t, I have seen some of the glowing reviews on garments that I know are crap), they have disabled my account. I followed all of their posted rules, but according to him, I was doing some "serious business" on there. While I have attracted some new clients from chatboards, almost all have mentioned Styleforum rather than Ask Andy.
Thanks for letting me vent, now back to work!
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That place is a shambles.
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I never went to that website, but clicked over to see what everyone was talking about, and felt like I hit a time portal back to the internet, circa 1993.
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Should be a badge of honor.
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Who's Andy?
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me too!

it was a great forum 6 years ago!

I still get customers who mention ask andy. I am usually surpised.
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diffrent strokes: There's AAAC the biz, and then there's the guys who frequent the site, and they are gentlemen who know clothes- no snark, no cliques no gratuitous insults, no pubescent fixation on tits, bitches, alpha-dom etc, but also no edge, no deadset ROFLMAO threads like 'so Charvet doesn't like black peeps' etc
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i visited there once to see what it was about...felt like i was in a shower of ovaries and bellybuttons and rainbows.
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Originally Posted by JonF View Post

Who's Andy?
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Originally Posted by Shirtmaven View Post

me too!

it was a great forum 6 years ago!

I still get customers who mention ask andy. I am usually surpised.

Carl, I'm surprised, even though I haven't been there for years. Andy was an accepting guy and I thought you two were friendly, socializing during the Collection of Sartorial Excellence events. My dealings with him were always terrific.

Did anything specific happen or was there a gradual shift?

BTW, do you ever come back to your old stomping grounds, Philly?
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Is their complaint that because members contacted you offline that it is per se doing business and requires you to either give them free merchandise or pay for advertising?
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Haha, agreed with the warped to '93 comment. When I was even younger and first started Googling most of my questions about menswear, I kept seeing that site pop up first in results. I'm inherently distrustful of the first result most of the time, and for good reason with that one. God, just from a design standpoint it's miserable. Then the intelligence quotient of the posters, don't get me started.
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in actuality, this thread violates forum rules and should be closed.
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Seriously tho, I tried to get banned on there and just kept losing AndyPoints. Seems either its waaaay easier to get banned here or I live in a bizarro world.
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So far as I can see Gilchrist is simply using the site to make money through advertising or else extract clothes from vendors for little or nothing: Note the very small note he puts at the end of each of his 'glowing' reviews. He does not like being challenged on this and bans anyone who dares point out that that is an odd way of running what is purported to be a chatboard publicly.

The Encyclopedia he peddles is merely a collection of his preferences and opinions dressed up to make the unsuspecting believe that it is an essential back cloth to be well dressed.
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