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How short is too short?

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When you guys think of shorts. How short is too short? Here at my university frat boys wear 5-7 inch inseam shorts. Usually, I just wear the classic 9 inch inseam. But is there a rule on how short a man should go? I don't want to hear that "real men" don't wear shorts. I'm 20 and in college I'm going to wear shorts.
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Are you considering a 5" inseam?
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Are your balls showing? If not, go shorter

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I would like to at least bump down to 7 inch inseams. I'm only 5'7. 9 inch actually falls on my knee. I would like to be an inch or 2 above.
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Sperrys, Big Pony Polo, and some short ass shorts -- all you need, Dustin. You've arrived nod[1].gif
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they should be at least 2" above the knee. one pair is 3-4" above the knee but you probably wouldn't want to go shorter than that unless it's swimwear. cuff them.
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Cuff shorts? I have never really heard of that before.
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It all depends on the size of your penor. I find I can't go shorter than 11 inches FWIW.
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IMO shorts as casual wear are only appropriate on extremely hot days, i.e. 100+ degrees F. Functionally speaking, shorts are designed for cooler wear and ease of movement. So, shorts that hang at or below your knees make little practical sense. It baffles me that modern basketball players wear such long shorts. I bet there would be many fewer turnovers if they reverted to the older style shorts. But that is another issue all together. Your average American man wears long shorts primarily for two reasons, they're the most readily available in stores and/or they have body issues. If you choose to wear shorts, you'll look more proportional if you wear them above the knee. How far above the knee you want to go depends on your personal preference and what activity you plan to engage in. For casual shorts, I prefer shorts that come to the lower mid thigh. (4"- 6" inseam). For swimming or some other athletic activity , I prefer a shorter inseam for greater range of motion (i.e. 3"- 4" inseam).
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Buy these from Unis.
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