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Poplin vs. twill

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I've seen cotton poplin in various things -- from Brooks Brothers suits to Bill's Khakis. I assume in the case of suits, it makes for a lightweight summer casual suit. Is that correct? Also, in regards to Bill's Khakis: They come in either poplin or twill. Is poplin considered a shade dressier than twill, or is twill dressier? I would like to pick up a few pairs of Bill's Khakis to starch and crease them and wear them with some nice polos, short sleeved shirts and what not for a clean relaxed Friday kind of look. Any recomendations as to twill vs. poplin?
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Poplin and twill, as far as I know, are two types of (cotton) weaves. Poplin has a crisper, drier hand, while twill is softer and smoother, and generally heavier and thicker. I generally associate poplin with summer weight dress shirts. I suppose that a poplin khakis would be more suitable for the summer, while twill would be more seasonably versatile - no comments as re. their relative dressiness. Just don't get a pleated pair though.
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Manton, Thanks for the info. Learn something new every day.
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