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Subpar Mabitex from Daffy's?

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Question for the Daffy's shoppers out there—

Have you ever bought Mabitex pants there, only to find that they were of less than stellar quality, or ever defective?

I bought two pairs of cotton/linen chinos about six months ago that quickly became my favorite warm weather pants. Great fit, wonderful soft, lightweight fabric. I busted the crotch seams on both of them after the first or second wearings and happily paid for the repairs. Then the pockets started to go. Now the waistbands are detaching...

I have three or four other pairs of Mabitex from Daffy's that have exhibited no such problems, but the are all different styles/materials.

Has anyone else had similar experiences? Did the manufacturer ship Daffy's a load of faulty pants and if so, do you think it's possible Daffy's knowingly sold defective product?
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There is a huge discussion on this if you do a search. My personal experience, which as a consumer and as a seller, accounts to about 100 pairs of the pants, is that either I have had great luck or you have had poor luck. I have only had one problem, and that was the typical ass blow out. The pair that blew up on me were a cotton/silk blend. I currently have several wools and cottons in the rotation; the only problems I have had are with button fastening, which is just an inconvenient repair job, but something that I can bang out in a few minutes.
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LOL. That is a familiar facial expression.
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Note that (I think) the consensus was that this was mostly just the cotton-linen ones. I had two pair of cotton-linen myself and they both busted, too. I have never had any problem with wool or all-cotton, and I have a lot of Mabis.
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