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Originally Posted by chogall View Post


American Apparel.  Made in Downtown LA by imported Mexicans?

More than likely. Will Americans want to be working long hours sewing pants, jackets, shirts and living in a factory dormitory while receiving a near minimum wage?
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Oxford Clothes

Individualized Shirts

Martin Greenfield Clothiers

Adrian Jules

Hickey Freeman

Hart Shaffner & Marx
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Might as well hijack this thread rather than make a new one...

What is the quality of RL made in USA stuff? I couldn't resist this vintage 3 piece...
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Originally Posted by kellgy View Post

Noble idea trying to support American jobs from the ground up. Buying American is really hard to do.
Nah, it is pretty easy. Just not if your only criteria is price.

Originally Posted by MalfordOfLondon View Post

What is the quality of RL made in USA stuff?
Can't help you with that exactly, but a pair of RRL pants I got recently were amazingly well made, in NYC.
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Originally Posted by james_timothy View Post

I agree- it must have been two years misspent in cesspool.

Try the Continuous Lean's American List.

My apologies for not participating more, but I'm not trolling. I did do a search on "made in USA" last night and came up with 700 pages of stuff, nothing on the first 5 showed a full dedicated thread.

The curiosity came when I started to look around and how few items are actually made in full in the USA. Seems like smaller boutique places specialize in American made stuff as opposed to large companies.

Few thing I found, Beau Ties make awesome looking bowties and ties, some are a little too Hermes looking, but nice non the less. Hellbrand Leather makes some things, more accessories though. A local jeans shop in downtown Hartford sews their own, but not sure where the actual denim comes from.
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Well Tellason, among others, makes purely made in America jeans. There is only one US denim mill, Cone in North Carolina.

Panta ( sells awesome made in New York ties, though I'm sure the fabric is outsourced.

There are lots of in the US leather makes: Tanner Goods in Portland is a SF favorite, as is Zissou, he who made me an awesome key/remote fob.

Mostly, you have to be prepared to spend a bit more.
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Originally Posted by md2010 View Post

Originally Posted by Gdot View Post

Panta and Epaulet among the most notable of the style forum brands.

Cego custom shirts in NYC

I'm becomming a big fan of the idea of 'Made in the USA' these days.

+1 . Since most made in Italy staffs are made by Chinese people in Italy.

Filson factory in Seattle.
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Yeah, but our Chinese are better than their Chinese.
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But the point isn't so much where the workers are from. The point is that they are living, working, and spending here in the States. And the corporation is based here as well. All of this stimulates our economy.

We do, of course, have immigration issues to address - but that's a bit of a separate topic.

For me the point is that for those of us who can afford to spend a little bit more for quality American made goods perhaps at this point in time we should. As our economy needs the boost. Sort of a 'vote with your wallet' sort of thinking.
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Which also means we should seek out the better US producers; there is plenty of US made junk out there.

I just sent in an order for a pair of Individualized Shirt, in fact. New Jesery made to measure, through a local mens store.
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Some Brooks Brothers apparel.
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I have some Hickey Freeman pants that were made in Italy, and Hart Schaffner Marx pants made in Colombia and China so be sure to check the label. I will add:

Gold Toe Windsor socks (out of 20+ Gold Toe varieties at Macy's I was mildly surprised there were any made in USA)
Martin Dingman belts
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Agree, at this point, if I like the product I would gladly spend the $ on an all American made. This is a quest to seek out things of quality that are still made here. I appreciate all the replies.
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Don't forget Bills
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