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For Sale: Megathread----Brooks Brothers Black Fleece, Jack Spade, ISETAN and Thom Browne Shirts---New Added 2-22

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For Sale:
Megathread----Brooks Brothers Black Fleece, Jack Spade, ISETAN and Thom Browne Shirts---New Added 2-22

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Price includes US shipping. I am happy to ship internationally, and I will pick up some of the cost. All photos are clickable thumbs. All shirts are first quality (unless otherwise noted) with a mark on the label to prevent return to BB.

I am using a different format on this thread. I am only posting a shirt once, but listing each size which I have in that shirt. So just because the label I posted in the close up is a BB0 it doesn't mean that I don't have it in the other sizes I have listed.

Want a discount? Take $5 off the second and each subsequent shirt.

Black Fleece Sizing: Brooks Brothers Size Chart

Pink Oxford Cloth Tab Collar. BB1. $75.***SOLD***
Multicolor OCBD Fun Shirt. BB3 is sold. BB5. $70.
Blue Oxford Cloth Club Collar. BB5. $65.***SOLD***

Green OCBD. BB1. $60.***SOLD***
White w Blue Microcheck Buttondown. Look at label photo for accurate color. BB3. $49

Navy/White Micro Houndstooth Spread Collar. BB00. $60.***SOLD***
White/Navy Double Check Cotton Buttondown. BB0. $49.
Navy/White Micro Houndstooth Buttondown Collar. soldBBO, soldBB3. $60.

White w Earthtone Checks OCBD. soldBB1, soldBB3, BB5. $60
Blue OCBD. BB3.***SOLD***

White Linen w Red/Blue Checks. BB0, soldBB4. $55
Pink w White Stripes and Contrast Collar/Cuff FC. soldBB1. $60

White Short Sleeve OCBD, Big BF. soldBB0, soldBB2. $60
White Linen w Taupe Checks. BB0, soldBB3, soldBB5. $55
Blue/White Gingham Buttondown. soldBB0, soldBB3, soldBB4. $60

Blue SS OCBD. BB2. $55.***SOLD***
Tan Tartan 3 Color SS OCBD. BB2. $55.***SOLD***
Tan Gingham SS BD. BB2. $55.
Darker Gingham SS BD. BB2. $55.***SOLD***

Blue Oxford Cloth. BB4.***SOLD***
Blue/White Pinpoint OCBD with Contrast Collar/Cuff FC. BB4. $55***SOLD***
Blue w White Stripes OCBD with Contrast Collar/Cuff FC. BB5. $55

Jack Spade White OCBD. 17-36. $70.
Jack Spade Blue Uni Stripe OCBD. 17-36. $70.
NOS Blue Uni Stripe OCBD. 17-36. $45.

Jack Spade Plaid Broadcloth Gibson Model. sold15-32, 16-34, 17-36. $60.
Jack Spade Blue OCBD Sweeny Model. sold15-32, 16.5-35, 17-36. $70.


Club Collar White Oxford Cloth. $80. BB1. ***SOLD***
Pink OCBD. BB0. $75 ***SOLD***
Broadcloth White/Navy/Green/Yellow. Great combination. BB0, BB1, BB2. These have been give a huge price cut and are on my Deeply Discounted Black Fleece... threadSOLD

Thom Browne Tan/Green Heather Flannel BD. TB0. $95.***SOLD***
Thom Browne White OCBD. TB1. $95.***SOLD***

White Club Collar Oxford Cloth. BB5. $65.***SOLD***
Gray OCBD w Red/White/Blue Grosgrain at bottom of side seams. BB0sold, BB4sold. $70.
Blue OCBD w FC and Contrast Cuff/Collar. BB3. $60***SOLD***

White LS Thom Browne OCBD. TB1. $80.***SOLD***
Pink LS Thom Browne OCBD. TB1. $80.***SOLD***
Blue University Stripe SS OCBD TB0. $80.***SOLD

White Thom Browne OCBD. TB4, 16-34, P2P 22, Sh 18.75, L 32. This shirt has two small black stains which can probably be removed with some effort. The stain which is on the body of the shirt is covered by the collar when worn. $45>>$40***SOLD***

Green OBCD. BB1. $65.***SOLD***
Gray OCBD. BB1. $65.***SOLD***
White Pinpoint OCBD. BB1***SOLD***. $65.

White OCBD. BB2. $70***SOLD***
White w Triple Stripe OCBD. This has a small hole (pictured) at the bottom of the tail in the back. Easy fix and not visible when worn. BB0. $50.***SOLD***
Plaid OCBD Fun Shirt. Sleeves are same material as collar. Cuffs are same material as body. BB3. $85.***SOLD***

Tan White Tartan OCBD. BB2. $60.***SOLD***
Tan White Big Block OCBD. BB2. $60.****SOLD***

Pink FC End on End. BB2. $55.***SOLD***
Blue FC End on End. BB2. $55.***SOLD***
Blue w White Stripe FC End on End. BB2. $55.***SOLD***

Brooks Brothers for ISETAN MEN'S. Made for a high end Asian department store. These are super premium and differ from an ordinary BB OCBD in the following ways: Front placket "overlap" at the bottom like a Black Fleece shirt, Triangular white piece at the bottom of each side seam, Thicker MOP buttons, No pocket, Has sleeve placket button, Locker loop. The material may be slightly heavier.
XS 15-32 p2p 20.5
S 15-33 p 20.5
M 16-34 p 21
L 17-34.5 P 21.5
Blue University Stripe. soldXS, soldS, M
White soldXS, soldS, soldL.
Blue. soldS, M, L.

The TB's in this group have outer TB labels with no size printed, but size is printed on an inner tag.
Thom Browne Navy/Green/White/Gold Flannel BD. sold14.5-31, TB3 (16-34)this one sold, TB3sold (16-34) with no outer TB label, This one has a TB1 label inside but does not have a TB1 neck size sold(17-32). $95.
Thom Browne Gray Flannel Buffalo Check BD. TB4 (16-34), TB5 (16.5-35.5). $95****Both Sold****
Thom Browne Black/Gray/Red/White Flannel. TB4 (16.5-34.5). $95***SOLD***

Thom Browne White OCBD missing both collar buttons. TB1. $85.***SOLD***
BB Black Fleece Blue End on End Spread Collar. BB5. $65.***SOLD***
Thom Browne White OCBD. TB1. $100.***SOLD***

Blue/White Pinpoint OCBD. soldBB0. $60
White w Blue Tattersall OCBD. BB0. $60***SOLD***

Dark Blue LS Safari Shirt. BB1. $50***SOLD***
Pink w White Stripes OCBD. sold BB1, soldBB2. $60***SOLD***
White OCBD. BB2.***SOLD***
White w Blue Microcheck. BB2. $60***SOLD***
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great deals here
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Good lord, no kidding. Please message me if you're able to grab another Thom Browne white button down oxford in size TB1! Thank you!
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^ Will do. Don't miss the ISETAN shirts. They are really special.
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