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So I was at Off 5th the other day and looking at the charcoal and navy version of these suits as they have a BOGOF sales coming up which would make the suit about $350... not a bad price for a suit I can beat the crap out of.  As a background, I wear a 40S in RLBL Anthony, almost a perfect fit right off the rack (I own a black sport coat w/ silver buttons and a mid-grey suit). However, I have a very hard time finding suits that fit me as well as the RLBL... I just can't come to terms with having a whole closet full of RLBL... my middle class upbringing starts kicking in.   


The Saks Black label actually don't fit me bad at all.  As it turns out I am 5'7" @ 180lbs (athletic but a bit stocky w/ wide shoulders) and I look best in a short vs a regular in a trim fit suit (otherwise I have to get it taken in a lot) , as long as it's a drop 7.  A drop 6 in a short makes me look too square.  


If I was a little thinner, the RED label "trim fit" would have worked as well.  It also looks like a drop 7.


The suits I tried on were labeled as follows: 



Saks Fifth Avenue

Slim Fit


Made in the USA


w/ E Zenga cloth label


The unfortunately do appear to be fully fused (not half-canvassed) but admittedly, I am not an expert on this.  The SA thought it might be half-canvassed but comparing it to my one E Zenga suit (about 8 years old) and my RLBLs I would bet on fully fused.  However, the fused layer does appear softer than the Z Zegna and Hugo Boss suits out there.  


Inner pocket is labeled with: RN 54784 which is supposedly Joseph Abboud


With the all the discounts in, the price should be about $300 per suit, which for a suit that fits me pretty well without much alteration is nice to have around.

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I forgot to add, yes the have pick-stitching.  However, on the standard navy and charcoal, it didn't look bad or too over the top.  Without it


 those standard suit would look a bit too bland.  


Here is the label

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You will notice on the actual SFA web page that these suits are not listed.

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Interesting...  If you use the iPhone mobile version of the website, a wool/silk blend suit (BLACK Label Saks) that is sold only at Off 5th (per the website) is there for $599 (three colors per fabric type - stripes, mini chevron... and one other - no navy solid or charcoal).  However, if you use the full website they are not there. 



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I bought two suit zenja label made for Saks. This sale was buy one get one free. The price tag on one suit wa $799. The other was priced $749. They seem like they are very good quality. They are the slim fit version. I have a bonified Zegna suit in my closet that is extremly nice. These suieem O.K. Everyone seems to be bad mouthing these suits. I am a high end kind of guy who basically lives in a suit and have been buying suits for a long time.

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Funny you mention it. I was in a similar outlet store and tried on a Zegna suit of theirs. I own a very nice Zegna suit that feels like I am walking around in silk, but the outlet model was not of the same quality.

That being said people spend too much time looking at labels. I could care less who made my suit as long as it fits like it was made for me and it is comfortable. I wear a suit 5 days a week so I want to look good and feel good and comfortable. Now in fairness most of my suits are expensive to some, but when it's something I wear 5 out of 7 days why not buy something that fits the bill.
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I just got some of these suits to try...ive never owned a suit or jacket so i dont know what to expect


First is a Saks Red ($200) in navy blue. Says made in indonesia on it. out of the bag i thought the fit was pretty good but the suit has a cheap look to it


Then today i got 3 more which were all $300 each, shipped from the same Saks off 5th store. all 3 say made in USA with Zegna fabric. 2 of them are Saks Red (trim fit) and 1 is Saks Black (slim fit). i'm not sure the Saks Black slim-fit is going to work for me -- shoulders/chest seem too narrow -- or i should have bought a larger size when they were still available, all sold out now. But the trim fit red ones are not bad


All 3 of the ones with Zegna fabric have "retail" price of $1295 crossed off (rolls eyes) and then the red sticker for "reduced" (rolls eyes) price of $768 and then ultimately they were $300 online.


If i post pics would anyone be able to judge the quality/construction?

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