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Please critique the fit of this blazer. - Page 2

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it is borderline short but I work on you.
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Fit looks perfect to me. I particularily like the touch of masking the back of your head. No way they'll know it's you now, coming or going. Welcome to Styleforum.
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IMO the low-rise jeans aren't doing the whole look many favours; makes the jacket look shorter than it really is. For a casual outfit, I don't think the blazer is inappropriately short as some are suggesting.
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my god man, stand up straight. You're kinda standing there like you just shit yourself.

That aside, the jacket looks ok, but I'd like to see another inch in jacket length.
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It is short. But I have a sport coat that is about the same shortness. It is ok for casual wear.
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Some will say it's way too short like a female jacket.
Other's will say it's "long as fuck" if it were another inch longer.

People here try to pass off "rules" that they flip flop on 6 months later. (b/c media fashion changes)
1.5 years ago, that jacket was WAY too short.
6 months ago, that jacket was perfect.
Today, that jacket is again too short or just right, depending on the person

What you need to learn is.. no one here has any idea what the fuck they're talking about.
Do not try to get length advice from SF. Ultimately, this is a personal preference.
Develop your own style, and dismiss what the fickle SF fashion slaves say as entertainment

I think it looks good, by the way.
Short jackets are better for short people
As per Flusser/Manton, you show more leg.
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looking sharp

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