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Girl of my dreams: private detective

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Here's the deal: all of my friends are either married or engaged. I'm just 31.

There's this girl who's 30 and is a really nice prospect. Thing is, I really hate going out alone, so I'm thinking that meeting her at lunch at some random restaurant would be a nice way to get her phone number (the only way probably).

I'm a lawyer, and dress up during the week, and going to lunch with my boss would be a good way to impress her... I think.

So, how much would you spend on a private detective so he tells you where she went for lunch on a specific day, so you would get there 30 minutes later?

This may sound desperate, but seriously... I've been fking strangers for a while, and it would be nice to fk this girl and maybe get in a serious relationship with her. She's hot, rich, good genes, and from previous experience I think I have a shot. Hgh maintenance though.

I think it would be a 2 hour job for a private detective. I know where she works, and would give him a picture of her.

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Richard, you have caught me in a rare moment. But I did nearly this exact same thing two years ago. And it resulted in genital touching.


/end thread.

Feel free to PM me for details.
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Are you serious? =/
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Originally Posted by GQgeek View Post

Are you serious? =/

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Stop judging.
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this is so unnecessary. why don't you follow her and creep up to her when she's out jogging or something, with you wearing just a trenchcoat? isn't that what your kind usually does?
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but he wouldnt be able to get his boss to come unless he came creeping too.
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wait, is this DT?

serious? how do you know her to begin with? that should guide you on how to see her again...
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Just get her work number and give her a call.... with lots of heavy breathing.
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rofl. thanks for the laughs op
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Man I love this forum. OP, send me a PM and I'll follow her for $600.
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RP's love posts are always so absurd, this has to be another troll thread.
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Def go with ur he/she knows that you are loco!
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