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How does this Sunspel Polo Shirt Look On me?

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I just got a Sunspel shirt and can return it within 20 days. I was wondering how you thought it looked on me?



You think its too big or too small?
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neck opening is too small for your well developed traps, body is too big for your body (see the diagonal lines where the fabric just drapes off you, and how the back just 'hangs'?), and it's a bit on the short side.
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Dang. Too small? I was thinking I could get it tailored for the body...
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Think I should send it back or does it look good?
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He was right, the neck is too small, although that's probably the way they're all cut, and it's too baggy in the body. Tailoring is not a crazy idea. the neck isn't that bad, and I've had good luck having polos narrowed. I'd just tell the tailor the exact measurements you want for the chest/waist/hem rather than have him pin it up. The shoulders are a little big though, so it might be worth sizing down 1.
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it's not the 'size', it's the cut. it doesn't work for your body shape. so don't get hung up on size, just shape and fit...
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I would return it, and get the Riviera knit (bond 007 inspired polo) for $125 off Mr Porter. I usually wear slimmer 15.5/39 shirts and the S size fits me really well. The Bond polo is cut to flatter your body, and I love that polo so much. Been wearing it about 10 times now (hand wash) and the color/collar still remains nice. Got mine for about $105 from ASOS during their sale.
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Originally Posted by ezlau View Post

I usually wear slimmer 15.5/39 shirts

I'm going to need a picture of your monstrous arms.
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Ah, is that the plain jersey rather than the Riviera? If so, I second the above advice.
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Yes. This is the Riviera Polo.
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Kinda hard for me to see the pocket on your shirt to identify if it was the Riviera, but I think you should go a size down.
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I'm afraid the cut is just wrong. You need RLBL style cuts; broad shoulders and narrow waists.

This is simply too large in the body. If you have a good tailor you may consider having it slimmed. Personally for the price of Sunspell and a decent tailor I would consider some customs or other high end brands.
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Most shirts I buy never directly fit me. When I buy a dress shirt, I have to get it tailored down. If the size is relatively workable (shoulders, neck, etc.) then I can (hopefully) get it tailored down to something nice.

I got it for $60 online. I figured I can pay to get it tailored right (if the fit is reasonable). Otherwise I can buy a size down from Sunspel for $120.
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hey, jakeyt-- how's it goin, man?

If this is the Bond model, i have the same one. to be honest, the care is sort of a pain (almost better to send it to the cleaners, believe it or not....the fabric isn't the easiest to maintain, and picks up lint). My Bond polo is also the shirt that makes me look the most "buff," because of the cut and shorter length.

that said, i wear it in the summer a lot, especially good with light khakis or straight cut white jeans.....and the omega seamaster GMT, of course smile.gif

as others have pointed out, for the ideal fit and look in polo shirts, you might want to look at Polo custom fit models, or the black label polos (on ebay or polo outlet....too damned expensive at retail for a polo shirt)
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