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For Sale:
Lot of back issues from Men's Ex, Leon, and Men's Precious

Will Ship To: US only

Update 2/12/12 - added a recent issue of Men's Ex, lowered price.

Up for sale - back issues from Men's Ex, Men's Precious, and LEON. I'd prefer to sell them in one big lot instead of individually to make it easier to ship. Price: $120 shipped to the US only (international shipping would cost a lot extra due to the weight). They're all in like-new condition, with no ripped/bent pages, and all have pristine covers and spines.

There are 13 in total, and you'll get every issue you see in this picture. I only bought the ones that had the better content, and skipped issues that were weak.


Individually, each issue would have cost about $17-25 at Kinokuniya depending on the magazine.

Covers from a few of the issues:



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