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Originally Posted by David Zaritsky View Post coming this weekend!

I saw your fitting pod cast, and i have some questions. Do they frown upon taking video inside the store? It seemed like you had to keep it on the DL while you were in there. It is a gorgeous store by the way, would they be opposed to photographs being taken inside the store? I would like to take photos when i get a chance to go. That dress shirt room is amazing eek.gifbounce2.gif

Nice looking suit by the way, MTM or did you go OTR and get it adjusted? Also, do they still carry a good amount of their Tom Ford for Bond collection? I remember the Bond cardigan pod cast, and was wondering if they still carried that item. In any case, fit looks great my friend, i'm definitely envious of the whole experience icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Originally Posted by David Zaritsky View Post

Here are a few more pix from the event: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Is it just the angle or is he standing on his toes?
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tom ford likes some break
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assuming he wears is own brand, most TF shoe models have a stacked heel which is higher than most other brands out there.

The pic makes it seem that way but I highly doubt it.
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i just hope he doesnt sell out and collab with h&m,
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I don't think he was on his toes...might just be his stance etc...

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Thanks for the kudos...USUALLY they frown upon pix and vid in the NYC store but strangely are find with it in al their other stores...that being said, the night of the party, there were plenty of vids and pix going perhaps for that one night they gave everyone a pass.  And yes, they do have much of their Bond collection available including the cardi!


For those that haven't seen the video, here is it:

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Originally Posted by TheWorldsFinest View Post

ShopTheFinest may be an affiliate but surely that doesn't mean you can just spam-bump multiple old threads with posts like this which aren't remotely relevant to the subject of the threads?
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.^^ speaking of spam...
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Tom Ford, FW12.
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Tom Ford, FW12.

BAM!! happy.gif
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Plays it way to safe IMO. AW 09 remains the pinnacle
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I think I saw an article that Tom Ford is opening an outlet... sellout
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F/W 2012 isn't bad. Too many notch lapels. All the stuff looks enormous on the models and the sleeves look way too long... it would look much better on me nod[1].gif.
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