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anybody have an invite? maybe we could start a styleforum invite circle or something.

i've been wanting to get one for i think 3 years now. all i got were suspicious claims of giving me a ffffound invite only if i ponied up $20
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What is it?
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I've tried in the past and failed. What are the benefits?
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it's a website you use to collect images.

minimalist interface, easy to upload pics, and best of all it recommends similar images to you. like if you post an artsy pic of a naked girl it'll show you a ton of other artsy pics of a naked girl.
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High-brow smut is so much more dignified than just regular porn. Whenever I start to feel pathetic for sitting pant-less in front of a computer while jerking off to pictures of girls shoving bottles in their twats, I just start to contextualize everything with Robert Mapplethorpe's early work, and a sense of sophistication overwhelms me. Sepia hues and chiaroscuro make all the difference.
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Originally Posted by Blackhood View Post

What is it?

A ssssite for sssstutterers.
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