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Any suggestions?,en_GB,sc.html
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I am about to try Modern Tailor - but I generally just bought shirts that fit around the shoulders and had them taken in. Just moved to NYC so I don't have a regular tailor to do that sort of thing right now.
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You might want to give Proper cloth a try. They are doing online MTM. You can enter your sizes in a profile, they have detailed instructions and you can even send a shirt to copy (they send it back unharmed!). I am certainly going to try them soon. They are getting good reviews from some sources I trust.

I am 6", 44 chest, about 32-33 waist, 190 lbs. I workout everyday.

Other than this my experience with slim fit shirts:

Zara, tailored fit: not bad but waist is a bit wide. Size down one. Medium is nice and sleeves are slim.
Zara, slim fit, need a large. Fit is good but varies depending on the shirt.
Club Monaco, slim fit: a little tight on the chest but not too bad. Great fit, slim sleeves.

BB extra slim fit: Horrible fit for me.
Jcrew slim fit: doesn't work for me.
H&M: fit is nice but still too wide on the waist and the shirts are and look extremely cheap.
Banana: I don't know what they are doing but bad fit these days for me.
Hugo Boss black label: not bad but expensive for something that is not exactly what I need.

I can comment on so many other shirts because I have done a personal quest to find good shirts.
However, I arrived at the conclusion that MTM shirts are the best you can get. With the shape I am after working out 6 days a week, I need tailored shirts.

Frankly, the time has come for men to support good tailors again.
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Go to and search for Bar III super slim fit dress shirts.  They are reasonable priced.  Arm pit is cut high, and there are darts cut in back to pull in excess fabric fount on even the ordinary slim fit shirts.  I'm 5'10" 153 lbs.  These dress shirts fit like a glove.  While style selection is limited, they do update frequently.  There is also a line of super slim fit suit separates by Bar III.  The cut will make even the slim guy look like an Adonis.  The pant is snug around the hip and thigh with a lower rise modern waist.  The jacket is double vented with a higher cut arm pit.   

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I wouldn't spend money for buying a RTW shirt and then more money to get it tailored. I'd go made to measure choosing an extra slim fitting and providing the shirtmaker with all your measures. Stretch fabrics are generally recommended cause the arm hole of an extra slim shirt can be very tight.

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A friend of mine's shirts look like the photo you posted and he wears Hugo Boss. He has a muscular build and I think he just matches up well with boss's block pattern.

In general though you just need to find a good alterations tailor. He/she can eliminate a lotnof the bag. Whatever shirt you pick just make sure the shoulders fit well as that is the one area they won't be able to alter.

The RTW shirts I have luck with are Kiton. I have them altered and they fit great.

Another option is to have them custom made and to tell the tailor what you want. Show him that picture.
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