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Why Do You Love Hermès?

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Stumbled on this article from the WSJ website today. Discusses LVMH's likely hostile takover attempt (ongoing), sheds light on what makes them a successful house and irresistible to many. Perhaps even some insight on Foo's boner for their green wallet?
"Hermès and LVMH are at the two extremes of the culture and industry of luxury," Hermès's CEO, Patrick Thomas, the first nonfamily member to run the 174-year-old company, told me over lunch in the company's dining room at the Faubourg Saint-Honoré headquarters in June. "We are artisans and creative. We try to produce the most beautiful products in this industry. The artisans put their heart and soul in the bag and when the client buys it, they buy a bit of the ethic of Hermès. For six generations, the same family has run Hermès. That has given this company something no other company has. Our combat with LVMH is not an economic fight, it's a cultural fight. We try to do poetry and we get excellent economic results. We must protect that."

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I don't know why I love Hermes, I just do. Its like that hot chick in high school that you see in the hall talking to all the jocks. Then one day you go over to talk to her, and she acknowledges your presence and you get the butterflies in your tummy.
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I like Hermes more than Louis Vuitton. Still cant figure out though what I actually obsessively like from Hermes, apart from a leather jacket I have and a half decent belt. I heard they do good wallets though, damn, maybe I do not know jackshit about the brand.
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I love Hermes becuase the stock price keeps going up..
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Originally Posted by Grubby View Post

My John Lobb 2008, Becketts and Vale are my favorite Hermes pieces

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The article is consistent with everything I've read about Hermes. I trust the quality of Hermes goods, and therefore shop there, but I won't go near LV.
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I love it because after I spend a few thousand dollars I can sell the paper bag for $30 to a Korean.
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Crap, I threw one away!  It was of strikingly good quality for a paper shopping bag.

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I used to really love Hermes and bought their designs frequently, but as of the past five years the quality at times is questionable. Stay away from LV. Seeing their monogrammed bags everyday in nyc is tiring. Gucci and LV both are guilty to making 70% of their product in China then adding the finishing 30% in their home countries thus utilizing a loophole that allows them to then stamp their products "Made in Italy" & "Made in France"

Finishing on a high note, I do have a set of 60+ year old LV luggage that still accompanies me on long trips. The new LV luggage is a joke.
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I like Hermes because I don't think I'll ever be able to afford their leather goods.
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That quote is absolutely obnoxious. To claim that a publicly listed company with quarterly revenues of US$0.9B only produces artisanal products is absolutely ridiculous, especially when the same WSJ article comes with a picture of a factory producing their scarves. Regardless of the quality of their products, the bulk of their stuff is artisanal in the same way that Starbucks breakfast sandwiches are artisanal. The fight with LVMH is not a cultural fight, that’s silly. This is just a guy trying to keep his job by fighting a possible takeover.

His comment on Catholics and Protestants is offensive:

“"What LVMH has forgotten is: A. The family is Protestant, and Protestants have a very different approach to money than the Catholics…”
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Actually, that Catholic vs Protestant thing is basically the entire division between the faiths? I recall something about the Monasteries and Churches undergoing some kind of reformation....
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Thank you for the explanation. I understand now. He means that unlike Hermes, LVMH is in the business of selling indulgences. Darn those cunning Catholics.
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Originally Posted by curzon View Post

I love it because after I spend a few thousand dollars I can sell the paper bag for $30 to a Korean.

That makes some sense. I used to use a Jcrew shopping bag to carry some stuff for work. I hated how materialistic it looked but it was much better than using a plastic bag. Anyway I stopped this when I bought something permanent.
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