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Don't pay attention to the disclaimer. I used to start with pictures that weren't of me but now 90% are

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Few posts per month. When I get my camera back, some bespoke porn.

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Mostly my own pictures, and the occasional great photo I find elsewhere
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Exclusively my own WIWT pics, one shot per day.

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How dare you not include Damn it gentlemen what the F?
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Mine :

No content in the personnal tabs yet (just did the updated), will put some asap.
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Not gonna lie - Details started following me today, got a little giddy about that.
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Not gonna lie - Details started following me today, got a little giddy about that.

Listen, if people are following you around you should probably call the police. This isn't really something to get excited over.
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London-based candids; all original content:

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A collection of video reviews (Vevues) of bars, restaurants, food, hotels, stores, etc made by people across the country.
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A few of us are organizing a Tumblr/Styleforum meetup tomorrow night in Berkeley...that's right, the style and fashion capital of North America smile.gif

5:30 Tuesday evening at Revival 2012 Shattuck Ave in Berkeley. Here is the link to Brokeandbespoke's post on his Tumblr blog.

If you are in the area, come on out and join us. It is a good group of guys.

Also, check out my Tumblr blog if you haven't already
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Hope a lot of folks can make it to this event! It'll be great to meet some other Bay Area SF/tumblr folks. See you there!
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Wish I could make it. Y'all have a good time.
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We had an East Bay Tumble meetup last spring following the Styleforum X10 anniversary party. It was enjoyable. Great guys. More actual clothing discussions than at a typical SF meetup. I liked that for a change.
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Interesting. Only been to one meet up but the majority of the conversation was about clothes. Mainly about the bespoke process. Granted, whnay. carried most of that discussion.
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