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Originally Posted by Quadcammer View Post

while we are on the topic of weird house related behavior, here's a question:

What the hell is the deal with bathrobes? Who wears these things? And why? I can't think of any reason for this item. You get out of the shower, you dry off, you put clothes on...done.

There are people who sleep naked.


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I believe there are actually 2 questions in this thread, and some are trying to answer for both.

1. If you are having guests to your house and you dont wear shoes indoors, then you can give that hint by leaving shoes/ shoe rug and even slippers at the front door for your guests to make their own decision - BUT, you shouldnt ask them to remove their shoes.

2. When you visit someones home as a guest, then you should show your good upbringing by noticing the shoes off, and asking, thus not being told to do anything.

So perhaps, being asked to remove your shoes is a failing on both your part for not noticing and enquiring, and the hosts part for actually asking.

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Originally Posted by otc View Post

...What if I have sat down on the curb or kneeled on the sidewalk in my raw denim that hasn't been washed in months? ...

I don't care how much your crappy jeans cost, that's disgusting.
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Originally Posted by imatlas View Post

I live in a city, and dodging dogshit is a constant game. I'm not claiming that I eliminate all dirt by taking off my shoes, but it sure can't hurt. And no, I'm not a germophobe.


A) All of it will be rubbed off? Really?

B) All of it will be removed? Really?

Is it clinically clean? Of course not. Is it going to result in a dirty house? no. A little vacuuming and some resolve go a long way. And if its so upsetting, hire god damn stanley steemer once a quarter.
Originally Posted by chogall View Post

There are people who sleep naked.


and? How does a robe operate better for this than just removing your undergarments before entering the bed?
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Originally Posted by Quadcammer View Post

gentlemen, I'm not sure what the hell you all are walking through, but I have white and light tan carpets, and they need nothing more than regular vacuuming and some spot cleaning and I wear shoes on it every day.

Will it eventually get worn and need to be replaced? absolutely. Does that bother me? nope.

If you folks are scared of the germs from someone's shoes (what are you licking the floor btw), I hope you never step on a subway train, visit a carpeted office building, visit a public bathroom, or shake just about anyone's hand.

I don't mind when people walk with shoes on the wood, marble or tile floors in my house, but walking on my carpets with shoes is a no no.

The thought of replacing the wall to wall carpeting in my home every few years is insane. Last time I had my some of my carpets replaced (8 years ago) it cost over 25,000 usd. I expect them to last at least 20 years.
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they can be cleaned you know?
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I have my carpets cleaned twice a year typically, but even when you get the deepest cleaning available... My wife and I can still tell that it's discolored. It simply does not look good.
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I live in Sydney and it is generally only my Asian Australian firends who have no shoes rule - but it seems such a sensible and civilised pratice to me that Mrs S and I have thought about adopting it as well.

In the country, though, it is ALWAYS no shoes in the house because of mud and, more importantly, burrs. We have these mega-evil cat's head burrs. They get stuck in carpets and then, if you tread on one, you really know about it.
That's one reason why, in the bush, we wear elastic-sided boots (ie RM WIlliams). Firstly they are easy to take off without touching them - most houses have these little iron contraptions at the front door (they look like cockraoches) that grip the heel of your boots so you can remove them without touching them. And, then, they are easy to put back on by pulling on the loop at the back.

We are very practical folk here
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I invited the gentleman in the video over for drinks once...never again!
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Originally Posted by Bounder View Post

Politeness is also a deep-seated cultural practice in some parts of Asia and, if you, as a westerner, are invited into someone's home, they will very often beg you not to remove your shoes as they know it is not customary for you and they place your comfort over theirs. What follows is a thoroughly satisfying ritual where you insist and they demur and, eventually, you leave your shoes by the door.

Interesting practice. In Japan no one will ask you to keep your shoes on, quite the opposite.
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maybe an exception, but even though my house has hardwoods, we have plenty of persian rugs and with the snow, and particularly the salt, there's a fairly consistent 'no shoes in the house' rule in effect at my place.
when I get home, the first thing I do is wash my hands too. It's sort of like removing my shoes, that's the only thing I do before washing.
plus even with shoes on, there are certain zones where I'm uncomfortable, like the bathroom where I shower and walk around barefoot. I don't even lie in my bed with clothes on, especially with things like jeans that haven't been washed in a while.
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^^ Going on a slight tangent here, I've seen many people on tv or movies where after a hard day's work etc go home and just throw themselves in bed and go to sleep - a lot of times even with their shoes still on. Do people actually do that in real life?
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I don't know anyone who wears shoes around the house, so I'm not sure how some things would work.

1) When your alarm goes off in the morning, do you reach for your shoe horn?
2) Do you hang a shoe horn in the bathroom just so you can put on shoes straight out of the shower?
3) Would your shoes not go with your dressing gown or sleepwear? Do you wear slippers then? If so, why not wear slippers throughout the house?
4) Do you buy AEs as house beaters?

I'm only half serious.
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Originally Posted by otc View Post

What if I have sat down on the curb or kneeled on the sidewalk in my raw denim that hasn't been washed in months? Do I have to take off my pants to come over too so that I can place my ass on your couch? If anything this is worse since I rarely mash my face into my floor but I quite frequently lie down on the sofa.

Pheeew!!!....oh that's just horrible. If one is wearing clothing which hasn't been washed in months, one is not welcome at my home at all.

"The great unwashed"
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