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Seriously need your advice, gents!

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I'll get right to it....

I've lost a TON of weight in the last 4 months. Most of the suits in my closet are either 42R or slimmer fitting 44R. I just went to Saks yesterday and the salesperson put me in 38Rs and 39Rs and they fit great! So.... what do I do with all of these suits I have? They are all either RLPL or RLBL (44R) so I'd hate to sell them for a fraction of the cost here on SF.

My question... assuming I'm a 39R now... is it worth taking these suits to an outstanding tailor here in nyc (e.g. Bhambi) and having them cut them down to size? I know shoulder work is a big no-no! But I feel like i'd rather spend a few hundred per suit to fix since the cost of replacing is 5 times that!

I appreciate your help, fellas!
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Your old clothes are of no value to you and your new size but if you are curious to try to alter them, try one suit and see if the result is satisfactory. If you have to narrow shoulders and collars it is quite extensive work. If you don't reduce everything to the new size the jackets will loose their proportion and look out of balance. Depends on how critical an eye you have regarding the results.
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Dude, it is one thing taking a suit jacket to a tailor shop for minor alterations, but what you are asking a tailor to do is drop the jacket a whole 3 or 4 sizes. It can actually be done, but it is simply not worth it and the tailor would have to be exceptionally skilled to have the jacket looking as it was intended to. Such alterations are easier for pants, but still an unnessary evil in my opinion. Sell the suits, move on. Consider that your reward for losing weight smile.gif

Interesting question to me is: Since dropping weight, what about your shoulders? Have you shoulders remained the same/similar size?. Just curious since smaller suit sizes also tend to drop the width on the shoulders as well.
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Congratulations on losing weight!


You might be able to salvage the slimmer 42Rs.  Forget about all your 44R unless you want your waist pocket sitting at the back.


If I were you, I would save two 42R suit in their current condition unaltered, just in case weight swings back.  Send one 42R for alteration.  Sell all size 44s and find a bespoke tailor for new suits.

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First of all, congratulations. Only you know the circumstances regarding your massive and sudden weight loss. Therefore, if this is the result of a lifestyle change it would still be prudent to give it more time and see if the weigh loss holds. For so many it doesn't (not to impune your own efforts ofcourse) and it would be an unfortunate situation to alter or let go of the existing suits and then find you need them later. Keep the weight off for a full year first. If you are still good, perhaps proceed with the good advice Despos has given.
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BTW, here's Jefferyd's comment


Originally Posted by jefferyd View Post

This gets asked very often so I think it deserves a complete answer.

A coat which is too large CAN be cut down, and since it a big job, will cost a lot of money. Tailors don't frequently turn down jobs which will bring them lots of money, so few will tell you it can't be done. But is it possible, properly speaking, to take a factory-made coat and turn it into a size 38? NO. But let me explain.

This is a view of what we call a "graded nest"- all the sizes of a particular pattern. From size to size (i.e. 38 to 40) the back circumference grade is ¼", the side body is ¼" and the front is ½".

The jacket can be torn down and the back reduced at the side seam and the allowance at the neck let out in order to make a smaller neck, and the whole shoulder line lowered to make a smaller armhole. A lot of work, but can be done.

The circumference of the side body can be brought in at the side seam, but you are missing some fabric in the top of the armhole so the tailor will have to reduce a bit at the front, not the back. Small shape distortion, but nothing too bad. (NB- bespoke tailors leave an inlay here which can be used to correct this)

Now the front, where the change from size to size is biggest. The front panel develops at center front, so this is where the cut down should take place. Oops, there's a buttonhole, so you can't do it here, the adjustment will have to go to the side of that panel. Oops, there's a pocket there. Removing the pocket and resetting it is a BEAST to do and most alteration tailors will refuse to do it, if they even know how to. So let's assume you have a very skilled tailor who will open the pocket and reset it (which will cost you a fortune), removing the half inch at the side seam instead of the front. Unless the coat was cut in a bespoke shop you won't have enough outlet to shift the neck point so it will have to stay more or less where it is, which is now in the wrong place in relation to the center front- in tailor's speak, the shoulder will be crooked (search straightening and crookening the shoulder if you're interested) which can lead to a host of problems. But chances are, your tailor will not open the pocket and so may take the chest and waist down at this seam (which will give you a large-looking hip) and take the rest out at the back, in which case the balance of the coat has been thrown off.

The top sleeve can be reduced but the under sleeve can not (again, bespoke tailors leave an inlay here which can be used to correct this).

So while it CAN be cut down to be made smaller, the fit won't be exactly what it should be- you may get lucky, but the chances are greater that you won't, and that's an expensive gamble.


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This is my excuse for eating and drinking like I do.
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Incidentally 42/44 is my size biggrin.gif

I have bought some items in a slimmer size 46. Even after having them altered they seem "off" to me.

Let me know if you do end up selling them!
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Originally Posted by Achilles_ View Post

Incidentally 42/44 is my size biggrin.gif

Let me know if you do end up selling them!

+1 I am also a 42R


edit: congrats on the weight loss, any tips? i am getting fatter by the day

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Congrats mate.. personally I would sell if i knew my weight loss was permanent based on my own activities. Otherwise, Depending on what you own you probably will make 40-60% of what it was worth, which should be enough to get you started and back in suits.
Altering might be cheaper, but may be risky...
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Thanks, gents! Appreciate both your advice and your congrats on the weight loss. amazing what a simple vegan lifestyle can do. It will be heart breaking, but i think I'll just sell them all and start from scratch.

Thanks again for all your advice!!
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if they're nice suits and in good shape you'll probably be able to move them no prob. and that same money will buy you someone else's 38-40r suits. you bought them, got some use, and have now moved on. sure it's a 'cost', but probably a price well paid for better health and weight loss. think of it as the price you paid for being overweight in the first place and only realizing the cost later now that you've lost the weight.
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First of all congratulations on your successful weight loss mate! I'm thinking you should just get rid of your old suits, sell them. If your old suits feel worn out them you should just get rid of them, no use in having it altered. Celebrate your success and buy yourself some new stuff!

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I echo everyone else's sentiments. Best wishes on your weight loss! Reward yourself and purchase a few new suits that are commensurate with your new lifestyle and your new look. After all, you put in the work to lose the weight, are conscious of your style and your look; why get chintzy and make yourself still slobbish? If you can make back 40-60% of your investment, you can purchase a few staple suits in smaller sizes and then continue to fill in with things on sale.
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Originally Posted by RLPL Junkie View Post

Thanks, gents! Appreciate both your advice and your congrats on the weight loss. amazing what a simple vegan lifestyle can do. It will be heart breaking, but i think I'll just sell them all and start from scratch.

Thanks again for all your advice!!

I'd rather rape myself... congratulations though. The suits should net you some decent change if they're in good shape.
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