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Thursday August 25, 2011

Heads up me boy-o's ! We begin the quest for strength on MONDAY SEPTEMBER 05, 2011
As the summer season is winding down, it is time to consider saving some $$ for Christmas.
If you are weak with money and can't stop spending, then this is the place to sign up and gain strength. Take the vow.
The rules are simple. By signing up here, you agree to the following terms:

1) You will spend not one penny for the entire month on any clothing or clothing-related item(s) for yourself.
2) You will perform some form of maintenance on your clothes/shoes (sewing buttons, polishing shoes, etc)
3) If you sign up before September 01, 2011 you may allow yourself an emergency fund of $100 and no more.
The emergency fund is to be used only in the event of a true emergency; a funeral, wedding, or some socks/underwear, etc
4) Should you fall and make a purchase you must report the purchase here. You will then resume the challenge to the end of the month. No need to report an emergency purchase. At the end of the month, we'll do an official score card.

  • If you sign up between Sept 02 - Sept 05, you are allowed NO emergency fund at all.
    Sign-ups after Sept 05 will not be included or accepted as this challenge is for the month and not a few weeks.

I will tabulate the official list of participants on Tuesday September 06, 2011.
At any time during the month, should you feel weak, use this thread so others may help talk you out of a purchase.
Who's with me?! ARRRRRRGGGHHH shog[1].gifsmile.gifbiggrin.gif::smile.gificon_gu_b_slayer[1].gifnod[1].gif
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I'm definitely in.
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I'm in

Last one was a success back in Feb.
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I'm in.
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Gonna try again!
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Deep breath...I'm in. Gotta save up some money for some bespoke commissions in October!
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This works perfectly into my C&J fund. Plus I just moved into a new place and my rent has jumped substantially. Thanks to MOL for inspiring strength!

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This coincides with Barney's warehouse sale. No can do.
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Lurker for a long time but never post. Great idea as I need an intervention.

I am in.
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definitely cant as ill be visiting New York
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This is a really good fucking idea.  It's such a good fucking idea that I've been lurking for over a year, and it made me join Styleforum.  I need a fucking intervention.  I've been BALLIN' OUTTA CONTRO with my purchases the past few months.  


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In, after being out for August.
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Count me in. Been on a bender clothes and shoe shopping. That CC took some heat..biggrin.gif
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im definately in & thank god for the emergency fund. just in case withdrawals become too strong.

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Originally Posted by gladhands View Post

This coincides with Barney's warehouse sale. No can do.

+3,000,0000,0000.00000.0000.9999 and lots more!


Hey Mr lint.. i just realized, you're killing B&S lol8[1].gif

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