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WOW! One of my all time favourites!
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Beautiful car. Hope you enjoy it!
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Originally Posted by doctorj! View Post

Hi everyone,
I havent posted here in a while, but wanted to share this with the board as it was a huge thing for me. The past year has been a difficult one for me health wise. I was diagnosed with an incurable nerve disease (which is thankfully treatable though). And recently a few other tests came up showing elevated blood levels that shouldnt be. Im hoping they dont find anything, but we will see.

So I made the decision to buy my dream car, and trade my 2009 MAserati Granturismo S towards it. I still look in my garage and cant beleive I did it. My wife was not happy about it at first, but a little convincing did the trick!

No Regrets at all!




Great car!
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Congrats, enjoy it. 

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congratulations ^^
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Lovely colour. Have fun with it

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Can we see pics of the house now:)
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Looks very nice, just not a fan of the older wheel/tire/offset design. Maybe it's just the pic.
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hell yeah
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