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??black suit???

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I was hoping to solicit some advice from people who apparently understand the nuances of men's fashion. My problem is that I recently took a job with the government in which I will have to wear suits/blazers. I have not been to the office that I will be working for, so I don't know if there's some type of 'uniform' everyone will be wearing. Right now the only suit I own is a nice 3button black suit. I bought it on supersale just recently for general job interviewing. The real thing is now that I will have the first day to meet the department heads, etc., to make a first impression. I was told that black is totally acceptable by today's standards for office suits, but I have my doubts. I am hoping to make a smooth transition from a suit to blazers and slacks( an obviously cheaper attire) as soon as I am integrated into the office. So, in the meantime I've got to make a decision to either wear the black suit the first day, or go out and spend money on a navy blue suit. If there's anyone who would have any subtle advice, I'd appreciate it. (For background information: I've always worked in the sciences, so I never wore suits, etc. My job starts in the low 30s, so there's a possibility that many of my peer co-workers won't be going all out on the wardrobe).
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I've always considered a black suit as evening attire. Navy is more of an interviewing outfit. I believe that you could pull it off. People pull off navy as evening, so why can't the inverse be accomplished, right? Still, it will always do a man good to own more than one suit. More options (which sounds like it will be good for your position). So- splurge- go find a nice navy suit that you like and buy it for your own benefit. Hey, it could even be a tax write off. You bought it for the job search, right? hmmm, probably not. But I still think you ought to look around for an affordable suit.
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Black seems a little severe to me, especially for starting out on a job. You don't want to be the new guy who's dressing above everyone - but then again, you don't want to be a slob (comparatively) either. I'd at least avoid a white shirt since you don't want to look like a waiter. Go with the black, you can always lose the jacket if it's your first day and you look overdressed.
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I am in the sciences as well, and if my experience is anything to go by, scientists are by far the least style/fashion attuned people in the world. If you are dealing primarily with engineers and scientists, you could probably do fine wearing a 4-button cream suit (all four buttons done up) with a purple shirt and tie, and one of those curious chunky hybrids between an oxford lace-up and a work boot. I actually saw this outfit at a conference, albeit in the style mecca that is the former East Germany. Having gotten that off my chest, a solid navy or charcoal suit might be more appropriate for the job and interview - black is principally for the evening. Of course, if you are an architect, at least 90% of your attire should be black.
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