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Wearing pink?

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Recently I have been thinking about purchasing a pink shirt either in a solid or some sort check pattern (matched with stone colored chinos and sandals).  Can guys get away with this?  The college that I attend is rather small and private, so a shirt like this may be a little bold for some, but what the hell. thanks, ramius
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I think you answered your own question- what the hell, right?   Pink, if worn confidently, with the right combo, and in the right shade (neon, highlighter-bright pinks probably aren't the way to go) can look great on a guy.  Check out a busy London street on a workday- British guys all over the place wearing pink shirts under their Savile Row-tailored suits, and it looks as stylish as can be. I have a few pink shirts (actually by Thomas Pink, the shirtmaker), as well as some in mild shades of lavender/purple and they're great.  Solid or checked can both work.  Especially great reactions from women (most guys' main target audience anyway), who admire a guy bold and stylish enough to pull that off. I think you have the right idea- you should wear pink with more neutral or unobtrusive colors.  Navy, I think, works especially well, but others (like the outfit you describe) can work well.  Too much color and it'll look like you stepped out of the Sunday comics page.  Generally not a good look.  But your outfit sounds cool, so give it a shot.
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Pink always works. Never heard a negative comment--usually just the opposite. Shows real confidence. Go to your friendly Brooks Brothers store where pink was invented. They can show you the "right" kind of tie that is discreet.
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I know that pink was really trendy in Europe last year, but this year it's most definitely OUT. If you still wanna buy a pink shirt, I would recommend a lighter pink...
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Pink is hot here in Sweden. I bought a pink linen shirt and plan on wearing it with a pair of white Polo chinos in the summer. Pink shows confidence, and it shows individuality, so I would definitely buy the shirt, whatever kind of pattern it is.
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Gentlemen, thank you for the replies.  I'm most definitely going to be purchasing a pink shirt; who knows, maybe even lavender too.  As some of you have already alluded to, which I totally agree with, is the psychological factor of colors like pink.  If you can pull it off and look stylish doing it....O man, that just exudes confidence (at least where I live anyway).  Looking forward to seeing the reaction of the ladies.
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I love pink shirts. I often get them for great prices because other men are too scared to buy them. They make a tan look great too.
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I'm sure you've gotten the point, by now... but, pink is hot. --Just not hot pink . And until, you feel completely confident of calling it "pink," use the term "shrimp." Much manlier, right? haha... oh and buy a lavender as well. I own a shirt in each color.
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Egads. I just visited the local Brooks Bros store, and guess what? No (solid) pink shirts. (They did have stripes and window panes.) They do, however, have a wide variety of ties that would go well with a pink shirt. Another name for pink could be "peach". I prefer the lightest hue of pink.
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Ramius: Where were you looking to shop for your shirt, and what's your price range? Being a shop- and shirtaholic, I might be able to help.
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