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I'm going to go ahead and say out of all my w+h hoodies (multiple tiger fleece, regular spruce, misc), the large loop hoodies are my fav and most comfortable. the only issue I have is the idea zippers don't stay closed when zipped up all the way, the slide on their own. fucking WISHED they kept the Lampo zips from a few years back, those were better than the ideal (crap and current) and the riri's (decent). Lampos were SO smooth. Only other drawback is that the elastic starts to peek through after time on the large loop.
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I'm actually feeling pretty good now that I shored up most of my basics with W+H through out the past two seasons.... nothing screams out at me from the SS12 collection so far, and the pricing continues to climb.
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This jacket probably my favourite piece from the 2012 SS collection. Can't wait to see the other colours being offered. Check out this link for more pictures of some pieces from this upcoming season.


Those Boots ^^ I wonder if they are going to release the dayton boots again.

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wow, not a single thing I want...


...maybe they feel the fanfare w/ the release like they did with F/W (emails and "presale" and hype)

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^ heavy slub pants look cool to me.. everything else = boooring
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I think the Japanese slub oxford could be worth a shot
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Man that cotton DR is sick. I'd love to buy it in a dark green or burnt orange, cot damn
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Mad disappointed so far. I think I might pick up a short-sleeve henley just for the sake of actually buying something.
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interested in slub and anti fit wpc
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any thoughts on how much that parka...I mean "Super weapon twill Mountain Parka" will be? And where it's available?
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Was interested until I saw the zippered back pocket. Cheese.


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^ heavy slub pants look cool to me.. everything else = boooring


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What the difference between the west point twill chino, the anti fit chino and the german corded cloth pants? might get them...

those oxfords seems good.. will kop soon
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fuck that baby blue hoodie looks awesome
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Man, sweating that DR so hard. Wonder what the weight will be like. I'd kop at 50%
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