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Men's clothing

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I am planning to go on my first ever cruise this summer and I have been hearing about wearing a tux on a cruise. Can anyone tell me where people wear a tux on a cruise and is it necessary? Where can one buy a used tux?  Thanks so much in advance for your help, Bugs
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When I went on a cruise last spring there was one formal dinner (tux for the men, formal dresses for the women), and the rest of the dinners were semi-formal to casual. Everyone was expected to wear a tux for the formal dinner; those who didn't were definitely disapproved of. However, the cruise ship provided tux rentals for this occasion, so you might want to contact your cruise line to see if this is a possibility. The rental is probably pretty expensive; I'm not sure, because mine was free since the cruise line lost my luggage and didn't find it in time for the formal dinner (though I did eventually get it back).
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I just went on a cruise in the Caribbean in the first week of April, and I took a dark blue 3 button Canali, and I was fine. There were 2 formal nights and I wore it both nights -- with 2 different ties. There were a few people wearing tuxes but they looked out of place, if you ask me. But you can rent tuxes on most cruises, at least on the one I was on, which was the Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas. I would suggest takng just a dark suit and if everyone is renting tuxes, I would do so, but if not you are well prepared.
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