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Things to do in/around Syracuase, NY???

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Accompanied my gf so that she could write a two-day medical exam nearby. That leaves all day Wednesday and Thursday to kill on my own.

Any good shopping? Record/music shops? Restaurants/coffee shops we could go to together? Parks or other areas worth walking around in?

I'm coming from Toronto, so I'd even consider driving some to get to a decent outlet, if there is one....
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Finger Lakes for wine tours (I went to college in the Finger Lakes area)

The record shop at the House of Guitars in Rochester (an hour away) is pretty awesome. There's outlets someplace in there, but IMO they're not worth it.

Dinosaur BBQ is good.

I know more about Ithaca. Not sure what you mean by music shops, but one of the best vintage guitar guitar stores in the country is there.
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I'll second Dinosaur barbecue.

Also, if you like bread... Go by Columbus Bakery and buy a few loaves. A simple bakery that has a lot of history.


Also, if you like to run, head over to Onondaga Lake Park and hit some of those trails. Not great, but somewhere to run if you only have an hour or two. After your run, get a dog at Heid's.

Go by the University and see the campus.
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abbotts frozen custard is a place i've been wanting to try, but havent been yet. dying for some real frozen custard
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