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i felt it too. oprah queffed in midtown apparently.
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Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 View Post

Tagutcow, if you are reading this, let yourself be known.

I was in bed at the time, and I woke up feeling my entire body vibrate. I've experienced some weird shit while I was in that hypnagogic state(feeling my body rise three feet into the air, etc.) so I figured it was just me, and promptly went back to sleep.
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I felt the earth move under my feet.
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"Earthquake? I'm outta here!"
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So after taking the opportunity to booze it up after getting let out of work at 3ish, I get home at 10ish to see that my paint on parts of my wall are suddenly peeling off. I'll probably bill this to my landlord or condo who ever is willing to pay.
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Tagutcow, Tropical Storm headed your way as well. Kinda cool, all this Mother Nature stuff.
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Mother who? Obama fucked up big time
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I didn't feel anything, must have been your building.
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I felt it in Boston. The whole house shook in a circular manner.

I didn't think anything of it. When someone told me we'd had an

earthquake I checked to see if anything had fallen down but everything's ok.

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The Washington Monument and the National Cathedral were damaged.... but they were built from stone
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Today was the first chance I had to speak with my family who live in Virginia. They all felt it, of course, and my sibling in Charlottesville was forced to evacuate the building.
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