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Kinda surprised no one has suggested an E-30 M3 yet.
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never drove one but i think Minis seem awesome. Small, quick, can park anywhere, reasonably priced, dont have to be burdened with driving a lot of people around or moving someone.

I've actually asked about 3 or 4 girls if they thought I was gay if I had one and all of them said Yes. Of course, I do drive a sebring so whatever...
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Sebrings aren't necessarily 'gay' - they're just the automotive equivalent of Seven for all Mankind bootcut jeans.
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The CVT automatics on the firs-gen r53 Minis are shit. Get a manual or the automanual in the second-gen r56.

Because dealers strongly recommend prolonged oil service intervals on brand new motors, many 30-40k mile Minis have only had 2 oil changes. Unacceptable especially on high-tolerance forced induction motors.

The short wheelbase makes for a jarring ride. Handling is superb but a comfortable highway cruiser the Mini is not. Factory 16s ride kind of harsh, 17s are nearly brutal, God have mercy on you if you go 18s or up. This coming from someone who rides 19s on his 90s Toyota. Replace factory run-flats with a quality tire asap.

Fuel economy is excellent even when driven spiritedly, even a FI model.

The leatherette interiors aren't easy to maintain and show their age quickly. Go with real leather interior if possible.

Panoramic sunroof, multitouch steering wheel, heated seats/mirrors, xenons are some of the more important & desirable options.

JCW editions are SWEET! I've seen many sell at very tempting prices. I'd be looking exclusively at them if I was back in the market.

Try to find one from an enthusiast owner who can provide proof of unscheduled maintenance. Not an easy task given most are driven/owned/leased by people who could hardly care less about such things.

r53 vs. r56 is usually a pretty heated debate. I like the styling & added size of the r56, and the fact that the S model is turbocharged in the r56 vs. supercharged in the r53.
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Originally Posted by Vaio View Post

GTI is awesome, but the pedal position is awkward for heel-toeing.

i think it works quite well, actually. its the drive-by-wire and associated lag (could also be heavy flywheel) that makes it less fun.
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Get a GTI instead. It's a better car and a better value.
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Why exhume an old thread - the guy got a SLK AMG didn't you notice?
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Dunno. Saw it on the "threads you might be interested in" thing.
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