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It’s also a game built with a respect for its players. At every stage, Eidos Montreal have asked “What if the player wants to do this?” And instead of answering with “Put an invisible wall there to make sure they can’t,” they’ve kept working on it until you can. They’ve kept working on it until you’re rewarded for original thinking, instead of slapped in the face and shoved back on the tracks.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting a hell of a long time for a game like that. I’ve been humping low walls, shooting NPCs and trying to smash down locked doors for eleven years, and every game has broken, buckled or refused to react until now.

The reason nothing has replaced Deus Ex might not be that no one understands it. It just wasn’t a huge commercial hit, so how can anyone justify such a big investment in something so open-ended?

Eidos Montreal’s spit, polish and fist-chisel punches have found a way, and I hope we won’t let it be the last time for another decade. I’d love to see Human Revolution show that smart can sell, and that gamers love freedom more than they love firing assault rifles at the Middle-East.

Video review:

Please buy this game so more amazing, smart games like this get made more than once every 11 years.
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Have you already purchased and played??
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I have purchased, but I am waiting 3 more days for the unlock frown.gif

I did play the original countless times on "realistic" without killing anybody, though. This will be the first single player game I've bought since Glider Pro.
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It's on sale from for $34.

Use the code: SUNNY-SAVER-20PEC at checkout. Boom.

It's a Steamworks game, so even though you buy it from greenmangaming, you download it on Steam. No need to worry about some janky other system.
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ffffuuuu.gif I bought it on Steam for $45 frown.gif
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And 3 more days to unlock? Huh? Is that a China specific thing because otherwise it drops in like half an hour.
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I think it's region locked, the release date for Hong Kong might be later.
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lol maybe I should buy it from GMG so I can play it earlier. edit: nope still region locked
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Sucks for you and a sleepless night full of Deus Ex: HR for me. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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I will stack cardboard boxes up to your window and intrude into your bedroom.
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Originally Posted by Eason View Post

I will stack cardboard boxes up to your window and intrude into your bedroom.

Dear Penthouse...
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I got it via Steam. I played about 4 hrs so far and love it. It feels exactly how you would want a next gen Deus Ex game to be. I'm not very far in because I've been reading through all the emails and extensively exploring places. I'm very happy this turned out to be a great game, because it would have been very easy to mess up. I did not have high hopes once I heard it was being made by a new development studio, and that the game would have a cover system and 3rd person take downs.

I'm shooting for a stealth/social build. The game seems to have mouse smoothing on by default. I'm hoping someone finds a way to turn it off soon.

I had a friend copy me the first game. It was so good I felt bad about it, so I got a legal copy on Steam 7 or 8 years later.

For anyone thinking about buying this, check out the reviews:
Eurogamer – 9
Strategy Informer – 9.5
GamerFitNation – 9
TheSixthAxis – 9
PlanetXbox360 – 8.8
LazyGamer.Net – 9.3
PC Gamer – 94/100
WorthPlaying – 9.7
Edge – 9
ComputerandVideogames – 94/100
IGN – 9
Digital Spy – 5/5
Destructoid – 9.5
Joystiq – 4.5/5
Videogamer – 9
1Up – A/A+
IncGamers – 10
Gamefront – 95/100
GameTrailers – 8.7/10
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Not to be that guy that argues with all the other Trekkies over how many original eps there were but... isn't this the 3rd Deus Ex? Can you retitle your thread? Or even call it Deux Ex: Human Revolution?
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Yeah, it's 3, isn't it?


I played through the leaked beta and thought it was pretty awesome... then wasted a bunch of time playing halfway through Mass Effect 2. I realized it was screwing up my attitude/life, I was staying inside on sunny days and spending too much time on it. Just uninstalled it yesterday (pretty awesome game too, but I don't care about any other races than human, so the story was too spacey for me). Anyway, I think I'm going to wait a couple weeks to get DX3, try to start it when the weather is crappy instead of wasting our little bit of summer.


Very difficult to keep myself from getting it though.

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Buy this game you dweebs. It's amazing.
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