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Anyone have a Wood and Faulk bag?

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I stumbled across this Wood&Faulk and there is no reference to the quality of these bags on styleforum or anywhere for that matter. Can anyone vouch for the quality of their bags? Is it worth the relatively low price?
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Hey, did you pick one of these up in the end? I love the look of them. Think i'm gonna hit the order button tomorrow.

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Nope, sorry shog[1].gif
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I just got a Wood & Faulk bag, specifically that blue leather one the OP has pictured.


I'll post some pics and my initial thoughts on this thread so future people considering WF have something to go on.


WF Service:

Before I ordered I asked Matt @ WF if the blue bag was suitable for a laptop. He informed me that some of his friends use it for this, but that the bag is not padded. Upon receiving the bag, that was pretty much the case. After ordering the bag was shipped pretty much immediately. Bag came wonderfully packaged, though had some flecks on it, nothing a lint roller can't pick up. All in all, great service and honest about the product, very happy with that.


The bag:

It's not marketed as a laptop bag, and I knew going in that its not ideal for carrying one around. Having put my laptop in it, I can verify that that's pretty much the case. My laptop kind of slumps over while inside. I have a 17" wide screen Compaq beater, so I don't mind, but I wouldn't put your new Macbook Air inside without a covering. Happy that the 17" laptop fits fine in it. All that being said, while driving, the bag flew out of my front seat and onto the floor, and it didn't sound like much moved inside...


It closes with two straps, I thought they would be more hasselsome, but after a night out working in coffee shops with the bag, I actually didn't mind them and found they close the bag quite well. 


The shoulder strap is the most troublesome aspect of this bag. It's thin, so its a bit hard on the shoulder, and the hooks for it are in the center of the bag, so when its on your shoulder it seems to not settle (like it might slip a bit on your shoulder still). The hooks for the shoulder strap on the ends of the bag would have been better, I think it would sit a bit firmer on the shoulder then.


The bag has good heft, seems well constructed, has a heavy metal frame at the opening and the particle board bottom seems very thick, thicker than I thought it would be. 


Overall, pretty happy about the bag, I'm curious to see how it will hold up over time, but if it does, I can see myself getting some of the other WF products. If they were to have some sort of partition inside, so it could fit a laptop without it slumping over, or extra pockets, I think it would be over the top. I say that last comment knowing that this bag really wasn't meant for that, I just couldn't resist that blogger blue so I got this one. Ah, final note, the bag is not nearly as bright as the pictures on the website, in low light it seems like a much darker blue than the pictures suggest, not a problem for me though.





1. How the bag came

photo (8).JPG


2. Bag laying open with strap

 photo (10).JPG


3. Bag with Book and laptop

photo (11).JPG


4. Holding Bag on Shoulder

photo (12).JPG


5. Holding bag by handles

photo (13).JPG

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Any updates on the bag?  Is that the 20" bag, or the 16?"  Looks like it might be the 20".

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