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Originally Posted by j
Nice, I have those or a really similar pair. They look good on almost everyone. I think the first pic looks all right, but that style of glasses is kind of dated IMO - reminds me of Terminator 2 or something. Those Persols on the other hand will never go out of style. You should go try some on, Sunglass hut has them among other places.

Edit: oh, I guess that's probably what SGH stood for.

Any other suggestions? I'm just afraid that if it doesn't look good on me, I won't have any other option left.
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Originally Posted by Shyguy
What do you guys think about this pair of sunglasses? Will it look good on me?

I've also been told to try out the Rayban Shields, but I can't find a polarized option for it.

I think these would look great on you.

Persol is a great brand. I'v had mine for about 5 years now.
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it sucks if your limited to the internet, youd have to be real lucky to get it right trying just one pair. remember that look isnt everything, eye protection and comfort should be more important first and foremost. even if a particular pair isnt that heavy, and they look comfortable, the way they sit
on your face shape could cause very different pressure points from person to person. dont mean to discourage you but dont be surprised if it takes several to a dozen pairs to get good blend of all 3 things you want in a sunglass. ive always liked the 'nose piece' styles myself, since they can usually be bent and twisted a number of ways, it allows alot more adjustability. that said, my eye was caught by those persols you posted when i use to be searching for my glasses,
pretty smart looking... go for it if you can get a return/exchange if needbe.
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I sorta like these:

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I just got these, love them:

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Modern Amusement did some very nice styles:
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Originally Posted by drizzt3117
I sorta like these:

Is that by Prada?
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I have more pictures for you guys after trying out more sunglasses today. I do apologize for my hair, but I was in a rush to get some pictures. Tell me which one do you guys think look the best on me? Ideally it would be great if you guys can give me a score out of 10 to help me judge it. Believe me, I tried out more than 10 pairs at SGH today and I still haven't decided which one to get altough I narrowed it down to these two. I'm hoping this will be it, but I will return to the store if I don't get favourable opinions.


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Both seem too wide across your nose. It's easier to tell on the first pair, your eyes aren't in the middle of the lenses. Of the two, though, I'd go for the brown lenses. More practical on those borderline days where it's too bright or hazy to go without, but not bright enough to avoid looking dorky in black lenses, and people can see your eyes, which is friendlier than otherwise.
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You cant say aviators are timeless just because they were hot in 1979 and also in 2004. There was a period of about 15 years where you would have looked like a douche wearing them. Only hunters and *cough* aviators had them.
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Do you realize you are bumping threads that are over 1 year old? I hope dude has found his glasses by now.
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