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School lunches

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When I was growing up in America, this is what I ate everyday (this is exactly what I ate actually, apparently they serve the same thing as 20 years ago) - it's to the point that I get occasional cravings for weird square slices of pizza sometimes. Cost $1.25, 20 years ago. I'd imagine it might be up to $1.50 or $1.75 by now easily, if not $2.


This is some fancy private school in Japan. Yes, that is a fucking lobster in that pic. I think they pay the same $1-2 for this stuff.
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I remember there was a blog of a English teacher in Japan or something that had pics of the daily school lunches. Those Japanese kids eat pretty well.

My little brother is in 4th grade and his school lunches are $2.75 iirc.
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Three healthy meals a day..
...usually 6-7 yuan each. No Manchester tart or spotted dick here though.
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great thread. i stopped eating lunch after entering junior high up to uni
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I was a favorite of the lunch ladies and always received extra servings.
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SQUARE PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!

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The lunches at my school looked exactly like those. This is why I brought a bagged lunch. Even at a tender young age I knew the food blew.
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I ate frozen dinner for 2 years
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Tater Tots forever.
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I did not attend a school with a cafeteria until I entered high school in Grade 9. My mother brown bagged me a sandwich and a fruit but I soon started to eat the cafeteria food without her knowledge (she was/is a control freak). The favorite item for most folks was a "double double." That would be a double order of the big beef steak french fries with a double portion of gravy on top of them. This is cute because it echos the most common order at a Tim Horton's, but a double double there means double cream, double sugar.
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I remember the incredibly greasy rectangular pizzas we had in high school. Tasted pretty bad and required paper towels to soak up the grease that settled on top of the pie. Disgusting.
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I went to like 5 or 6 different elementary schools in America (moved around a helluva lot when I was a kid) and the pizza is generally square everywhere obviously, but only greasy in some locales. In some schools it's frozen and reheated and just 'moist' for a lack of a better descriptor, and in some school districts it's half red colored oil, half cardboard. Most places were bad, but Minneapolis public schools got the square pizza down, nice balance of cardboard, red colored sauce, stringy cheese, lots of red oil. The schools I went to for middle school and high school did absolutely nothing well, and turned me off seafood forever, I have a hard time with fish and seafood now. Got a fish burger that was frozen inside but dripping with golden brown oil one day, and it stunk like shit, so that was basically the end of seafood for me, 20 years ago.
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I know SField went to some poncy schools in the day, curious to hear what he ate. I know some of his schooling was in England, so I want to know if they went beyond the spaghetti toast and potatoes on potatoes at his school, or what.
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^ Bubble and squeak.
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Yeah, I remember those lunches. I used to call them "toxic waste," which was pretty freakin' witty when I was 7. Earliest cost I can recall was 85 certainly get what you pay for.
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