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Okay, Here's my list of places that are interesting and somewhat unique to NYC, broken down by neighborhood:

Upper East side
Ralph Lauren Flagship at 72nd and Madison
Peter Elliot Blue at 72nd and Lexington
Gentleman's Resale at 81st between 1st and 2nd (This is NYC's best kept secret, seriously - shoe offering is incredible)
Michele Negri at 79th and Madison (beautifully soft tailored Italian tailored clothing)

Bergdorf Goodman Men 58th and 5th ave. (This is arguably the best men's store in the country)
Barney's at 60th and Madison
DeCorato (The old Borrelli store that now carries Attolini, Marinella, Sartorio, Fedeli, etc.) 60th and Madison

Ina Mens on Prince St. between Mott & Elizabeth
Leffot as previously mentioned
CHCM on Bond between broadway and lafayette (The store is a little streetwear but is one of the only places in the US to get Valstar and Herno. They also carries Drakes ties and some great shoes)
Grahame G. Fowler at W 10th between Waverly Place and Greenwich Ave.
Century 21 by the WTC is far better than Daffy's. You can find things like Caruso, Isaia, Boglioli, Brioni, Hickey, Cucinelli, etc. at DEEP discount if you dig but be prepared for a sh*tshow.

Hope that helps a little. For food my two Italian recs would be Il Bagatto on 2nd St. between Aves A & B in alphabet city and Savore on the corner of Spring & Sullivan (Paolo, the owner of Savore, is one of the most stylish guys in NYC).
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