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For Sale: MEGATHREAD----New Brooks Brothers Pants, Waist 29-44, Milano, Golden Fleece, Black Fleece

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
MEGATHREAD----New Brooks Brothers Pants, Waist 29-44, Milano, Golden Fleece, Black Fleece

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Prices include US shipping. International shipping at actual cost. Shipped weight for 1 pair of pants will be about 1 pound 4 ounces. You can calculate shipping to your country on the USPS website. Pants are first quality but labels are marked to prevent return to BB.

Want a discount? Take $5 off the second and each subsequent item. Milano pants typically measure 3/4 to 1 inch larger than tagged size in the waist. The label close up photos will answer many questions. Note that some of the Milanos are made of cotton while others are a cotton/linen blend. Some are lighter weight while others are heavier brushed twill. Now is the time to buy the heavier weight Milanos. I have a very limited supply. The Milanos with horizontal pocket openings are all made of a brushed twill even though the labels do not say it.

If I only list a waist size, the pants are unfinished in length. I am not listing pleated/unpleated on each pair because the question is answered by the photos and in most cases the label. Milanos are never pleated.

All photos are clickable thumbnails. If you enlarge you will be able to answer the Pleated / Flat Front questions.

Khaki Milano. 29-30. $48.
Dk Brown Milano. 30-30. $48.***SOLD***
Dk Gray Milano. 30-30. $48.***SOLD***

Dark Tobacco Wool Twill. W30. $75.
1818 Milano Heathered Brown. W30. $90.***SOLD***
1818 Madison Wool Khaki. W30. $65.

Black Milano 30-30. $48.***SOLD***
Brown Milano 30-30. $48.***SOLD***
Khaki Milano Advantage 30-29. $48
Khaki Milano Advantage 30-31 $48. (Not pictured)***SOLD***

Supima Cotton Denim Blue Jeans. 31-30 Slim Fit. $55.
Supima Cotton Denim Blue Jeans. 31-32 Slim Fit. $55.
Made in USA. Fabulous Supima Cotton. Retail $148. These measure W32, Thigh at crotch 11.5, Knee 8 1/8, Leg opening 7.25

Black Milano. 31-30. $48.***SOLD***
Lt Khaki Milano. 31-32. $48.
Dk Brown Milano. 31-30. $48.***SOLD***
Dk Gray Milano. 31-30 (not pictured) $48.***SOLD***

BB Country Club Khaki Wool. W31. $85***SOLD***.
Brown Milano 31-32. $48***SOLD***.
Green Milano 31-30. $48.
Heathered Brown Wool Milano. W32. $90.***SOLD***

Khaki BB Country Club Chino. W31. $55.
Gray 1818 Madison. W32. $85.***SOLD***

1818 Fitzgerald Lt Blue Cotton. 32-30. $55.
Jaggy Cotton Off White. 32-32. $65.***SOLD***

1818 Madison Charcoal Gray Cuffed. 32-32. $65
1818 Fitzgerald Khaki. 32-32. $60.
1818 Regent Navy. 32-32. $65.***SOLD***

Darker Khaki Milano Advantage Chino. 32-32. $48.***SOLD***
Med. Khaki Milano. 32-32. $48.
Lt. Khaki Milano. 32-32. $48***SOLD***
Black Milano. 32-30 (not pictured) $48.***SOLD****

1818 Madison Dk Gray Wool Twill. W32. $75.***SOLD***
BB Country Club British Khaki Cuffed. 33-30. $55.
Wool Khaki Cuffed. 33-32. $60.

1818 Milano Gray Donegal Tweed. W33. $90***SOLD***
Medium Khaki Milano. 33-34. $48.
Navy Milano. 33-32. $48.

1818 Milano. Cotton Dk Brown. 33-30. $60.
1818 Regent. Brown Wool Donegal Tweed. W33 $80.***SOLD***

Golden Fleece Loro Piana 160's Navy Wool. W33. $95.***SOLD***
Heather Gray Wool. W33. $85.
Black Fleece Navy Linen. 33-32 cuffed. $95.***SOLD***

Golden Fleece Wool Charcoal Gray W33. $95.***SOLD***
Lt Khaki Milano 33-30. $48.
Navy Milano 33-32. $48.***SOLD***
Navy Milano 33-34. $48.***SOLD***

Black Milano 33-30, 33-32. $48.***SOLD***
Khaki Milano 33-30. $48.***SOLD***
Lt Khaki Milano 33-30. $48.***SOLD***
Khaki Milano sold33-34, 34-32(not pictured) $48.

Med Khaki Advantage Chino Milano. 34-34. $48.
Powder Blue Milano. 34-34. $48.
BB Country Club Khaki. W34. $55.***SOLD***

Dk Brown Irish Linen. 34-32. $65.
1818 Madison Dk Tobacco Brn Fine Herringbone. W34. $85.***SOLD***
BB Country Club Dk Gray Fine Herringbone. W34. $85.***SOLD***

1818 Madison Dk Gray Herringbone. W34. $75.***SOLD***
Dk Gray Brooksease. W34. $65.
Charcoal Gray Regent. W34. $55.***SOLD**

Navy Milano. 34-34. $48.***SOLD***
1818 Navy Madison. 34-32 cufffed. $85.
1818 Madison Glen Plaid. W34 $85.***SOLD***

Maroon Hudson 34-30. $38.
Khaki Advantage Milano. 34-31. $48.***SOLD***
Navy Milano 34-30. $48.***SOLD***
Khaki Milano 34-32. $48.

Tartan Wool Clark Fun Pants. 34-32. $60.***SOLD***
Subdued Patch Madras Hudson. 34-32. $48.
Bright Country Club Patch Madras. 34-32. $48.

Salmon Milano. 34-32. $48
Heather Brown Wool Milano. W34. $90.***SOLD***

Navy Blue Linen Madison. 34-32. $80.
White Advantage Elliot Chino. 34-34. $38.
Lt Khaki Milano 34-32. $48.***SOLD***
Khaki Milano 34-32. $48.
Lt Khaki Milano 34-32. $48.***SOLD***

Navy Supima 34-30 Cuffed. $48.***SOLD***
Navy Wool Golden FleeceMadison. W34. $95.***SOLD***
BB Country Club Charcoal Gray Wool. W34. $85.

Maroon Hudson. 35-30. $38.
Lt Khaki Milano 35-30 $48
Peach Milano 35-30. $48

Lt Green Milano 35-32. $48.***SOLD***
Lt Khaki Milano 35-30. $48.
Green Milano 35-30. $48.

Navy Linen Regent. W36. $55.
Charcoal Gray Fitzgerald. W36. $55.***SOLD***
BB Country Club Gray Madison Saxxon Wool. $85.

Pink Milano Cotton 36-30. $48.
Khaki Milano 36-30. $48.***SOLD***
Pink Milano Linen/Cotton. 36-30. $48.
Lt Blue PRL 36-30. $28.***SOLD***

Charcoal Gray Wool Flat Front Pants. W36. $80.
White Pincord Jeans. 36-34. $35.
Pink Milano 36-34. $48.

Maroon Hudson. 36-32. $38.
White Advantage Elliot Chino, some marks from shelf dust. 36-34. $32.
Khaki Elliot. 36-32. $48.

BB Black Fleece Seersucker. BB4 W37. $85.***SOLD***
Black Milano Advantage. 37-32. $48.***SOLD***
Red Milano 37-32. $48

Heavy Black Wool Pants, Flat Front. W38. $75.
Flat Front Khaki Chinos. 37-32. $48.***SOLD***
1818 Madison Khaki. 38-32. $48

White Pincord Jeans. 38-34. $38.
Blue/White Seersucker 40-32 Cuffed. $52.
Khaki Brushed Twill Elliot 40-32 Cuffed. $48.

Brown Milano 40-34. $48.
Putty Milano 38-30. $48.
Khaki Milano 38-30. $48.

Tobacco Wool Flat Front. 44-unfinished. $85.
Medium Gray Wool Pleated. 44-unf. $85.***SOLD***
1818 Madison Camel Wool Pleated. 44-unf. $85.***SOLD***
Make a deal on all 3.


Lt Gray Milano. 30-30. $48.***SOLD***
Lt Khaki Milano. 30-30. $48.***SOLD***
Navy Milano 30-31. $48.***SOLD***
Navy Milano 31-30. $48.***SOLD***

Tan Regent Nailhead Wool. W30. $85.***SOLD***
Dark Navy Wool w Overcheck. W30 L 30.5, cuffed. $85.***SOLD***
Dark Olive Milano, 30-30. $48.***SOLD****

Gray Heather Milano. W33. $90.***SOLD***
Golden Fleece Charcoal Gray Wool. W33. $95.***SOLD***

Black Fleece Gray Cotton Flat Front. BB3, W34. $65.***SOLD***
1818 Madison Med Gray. 32-32. $55.***SOLD***

1818 Regent Brown Donegal Tweed. W34. $85.***SOLD***
Medium Gray Brooks Brothers Country Club. W35. $85.***SOLD***

Milano Advantage British Khaki. sold32-32. sold32-34. $48.***SOLD***
1818 Milano Medium Gray Wool. W32. $85.***SOLD***
1818 Milano Dark Gray Wool. W32. $85.***SOLD***

1818 Regent Brown Donegal Tweed W35. $85.***SOLD***
1818 Madison Gray Wool Nailhead. W35. $80.***SOLD***
Edited by Steve Smith - 2/27/12 at 7:33pm
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Lt Khaki Milano. I would like to purchase 30 to 30.

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PM sent.
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Someone else wanted the tartan wool fun pants?
Hit me up if you get another pair in the same size (34) ! Would kop in a heart beat!
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Those fun pants sat in the stack with no interest for 6 weeks. Now everybody wants a pair.
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Originally Posted by Steve Smith View Post

Those fun pants sat in the stack with no interest for 6 weeks. Now everybody wants a pair.


i would love to see some pictures of those pants being worn out in the real world...
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Originally Posted by XKxRome0ox View Post

i would love to see some pictures of those pants being worn out in the real world...

Those pants have special tailoring in the crotch area because it takes huge balls to wear them.
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Just wanted to praise Steve on being an excellent seller. Very easy to work with and knowledgeable of his products!
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anyone know what is the difference between the milano and advantage milano chino pants ...?
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Advantage is non-iron.
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What is the BBBF size designation for a true 38" waist?
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I had a pair of BB4 pants which measured 37 inches.
Just bought a pair of BB5 shorts which measure 40.
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have you had any updates for pants lately?
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I will have a new thread within a week. Redone, sold stuff purged, 100% accurate, many new pairs.
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