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Now can we play AAAC, AAAC Trad, and MC?
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Figured I would drop by this thread and post this here as I have been meaning to find out more about Super Future & HypeBeast.

I just registered in SuFu however when I tried to register on HB it said that my "invitation" was being sent to the admin for consideration. How do they work things over there with letting people join? is it run like some sort of exclusive club to keep it desireable?
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To me SF seems like a more mature and diverse version of SuFu.
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This place is def. more diverse, but to say that it's mature, even relatively speaking, just doesn't seem right.
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SuFu has a lot of "issues" with accounts and the admins. Plus the layout is a pain in the ass to actually read through.

I think they definitely get in deeper on esoterica like various denim brands, but they are also susceptible to massive herd behavior on brands (more so than here anyway).

Hypebeast always seemed a bit too skater-style oriented - too many sneakers.
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I don't post on hypebeast or Sufu so why bother?
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That style heel was developed for wranglers. You need a high heel to lock in on your stirrups when riding a horse.

Originally Posted by burningbright View Post
All the other ones have an even more exaggerated heel that makes you look like the Wicked Witch of the West.
Like this one:
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