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5'6 here, 29 is probably about right but I go for 28.5 to lengthen the leg line and have a more modern fit.
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Are people measuring on the back from bottom of collar to bottom of the jacket?

I'm 5'9 and find that right around 29" is perfect for me, so I find it odd that 29" would be correct for a 5'7 person.

Maybe I just have a short torso?
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Yeah, that's right. Collar seam to hem straight down. 

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Tailors measure from the edge of the undercollar where it is sewn to the jacket, down the center back seam to the bottom edge of the jacket hem. Flip the collar up to expose the undercollar. Measuring for reselling jackets online may have a different measuring method but that is not how you want to measure if you are communicating with a tailor. You need to be sure how your tailor measures if you start giving him/her measurements to avoid confusion and mistakes.
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5'5", jacket length around 27.5" BOC-hem for me. I have a shorter torso and longer legs, and I like my jacket length a tiny bit shorter than the accepted norm.
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I'm 5'-8" and usually end up around 28.5" plus or minus a quarter inch. I take my time in the mirror and it usually requires two fittings for my tailor to get it right. For me I need to take into account the degree of waisting in the jacket and how my lower back and butt is silhouetted, and the trimness of the trousers at the thigh. It's all by eye for me, and I have taken the jacket back for tweaking after wearing it a while and noting the look from 20 feet away. It's all about balance.
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28.25-28.5", using Despos' method. Using this guy's method, from the BOC, it's a little shorter.
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