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For Sale:
Handrolled, handmade premium pocket squares.

Will Ship To: Anywhere

White Linen with Red Stitching.

First to pay - gets the item. I'm no longer accepting pre-orders (unless you have an emergency) because I can't meet the demand. I make my own pocket squares for myself. I enjoy the process, so I'm making some from the leftover material for the SF community as well. There are only a few of each material, so they are truly unique. They are all made from expensive premium cotton, linen, and silk and are completely handmade; I spend more than an hour per PS (even 3+ hours on some). Sizes are approximately 12x12. Prices are listed with shipping to CONUS. First PS is always full price, then $2 off per PS when ordering more than one.

Disclaimer: If you want shipping with confirmation, please add $5. Otherwise, I'm not responsible for lost packages. I've sold more than 30 pocket squares already and have had only positive feedback with no problems whatsoever. However, at these low prices I simply cannot afford delivery confirmation. Thank you for understanding.