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Originally Posted by zerostyle View Post

I just recently ordered some CT shirts in both slim and tailored.

If you have a 38" chest, I'd definitely go with tailored (their slimmest version).

My main complaints are:
1. The fabric wrinkles VERY easily and seems to stay pressed in. For example, if you are carrying a messenger bag around, expect your shoulders to be terribly wrinkled all day long.
2. The sleeves seem to run a bit long for a standard 33"
3. Lack of gauntlet buttons is pretty annoying, particularly coupled with the sleeve length.

Overall, for $30, a pretty nice fabric, but the wrinkling thing is driving me crazy. Also, the tailored fit shirts have a pretty limited selection, so you might be forced to switch to slim depending on what pattern you want.

How did you order yours? UK website or US website? Also are you in the UK or US? How long did it take?

THanks for your response
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Has anyone tried Saks Black label dress shirt? If so,how are they?

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Wonderful array of shirts! Definitely going to pick one of these up

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I am very pleased with the first set of TM Lewin shirts I ordered online.  The delivery was faster than I expected (6 days). I went through their 'Try it on/size guide' online application to figure out my size and the shirts fit surprisingly well (Regular fit which is a nicely bit tighter fit - but not too tight - than most U.S. classic fits).  Their classic collar has a nice spread.  After a first wash, I have not noticed any shrinkage or any significant deterioration.  They are easy to iron and do not crease too badly.  I will certainly not argue that these are high-end shirts, but, their quality is quite decent given the $40 price per shirt.  For budget conscious buyers, they are good shirts for everyday office wear and a good alternative to Brooks Brothers or Polo shirts, for example.

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