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Tassel Loafers

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Hello Gents,

I just purchased a nice (imho) of loafers off of ebay and though I thought I had a few ideas for what to wear them with, I'm starting to second guess myself.

I would never wear them with a suit and I don't think they are quite sporty enough to wear with my jeans. I do have a few nice pairs of Mabitex slacks they might work with. Anyway, I'm open to suggestions.


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I don't like the black (?) and brown two-tone look to them. They also look a bit too old-man for my tastes. I feel like these shoes would most often be paired with billowy double pleated khakis. As you obviously won't be wearing them like that I think they would do alright with a pair of slacks in stone or some khaki derivative. Hard for me to imagine pairings as I don't much care for them.
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Hmmm. ... billowy, double pleated khakis...YIKES! Not in this lifetime.crazy.gif I actually thought the two tone sort of helped make them look a little less "old man like". I'm 50 so I can get away some old man steez on occassion (bow ties, seersucker etc.) However, I always like to freshen up those look with nicely tailored items. So again, billowy just wont' do.
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Tassel loafers can look good with the right last, but these are pretty hideous. The black and brown are an ugly clash.
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I would consider jeans. lurker[1].gif
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