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I am currently a student with a limited budget. That said, I am looking to purchase a new watch. Any suggestions in the $500 range. I am currently leaning towards a Tissot Quickster chronograph with a black leather band (below is a link that I hope works). Any comments on the quality of Tissot watches or a watch in the $500 range I should be considering would be appreciated. http:Tissot Watch
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looks similiar to the Tag Heuer Monza re-issue, but not quite as nice. I can't comment on that brand as I am unfamiliar with it, maybe others here are.
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I cannot comment on the quality of Tissot watches, but I have seen them offered for sale on websites that sell higher end watches, so I assume that the brand is fairly reputable. I assume that you are looking for an everyday watch that can go with everything from jeans and a T-shirt to a suit and tie.  To that end, I recommend that you go for a stainless steel model with leather strap or bracelet, traditional round shape, and plain dial (no chronograph).  Something along the lines of the IWC Mark XV, but at a lower price point. For $500, you might want to consider buying a used watch.  Watches, like cars, depreciate in value very quickly (excepting Rolex and Patek and a few other premium brands) and you will probably be able to find a 1-2 year old watch with minimal wear selling for upwards of 50% off its original list price.  I'm in the market myself for a sports/weekend watch that is dressy enough to wear to the office, and I've been scouting out several sites.  Not knowing your tastes, I can't refer you to any particular model, but you may want to check out the following sellers who have good reputations and good selections: The Watchseller Happy Hunting.
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As was said before, I think used watches would be your best bet. Pstoller posted an awesome link for used watches a while back.Also-Tissot wakes good watches, IMO. Some people say that gucci watches aren't good but mine has served me well and I like it. I owned a few movados that broke- so I would recommend agaist getting one because I am biased.
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p posted a little on the expensive side IMO, but looks like they only carry very well taken care of pieces and they have a great rep, so they can charge a little more.
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Has anyone ever bought a watch off of ebay?  There seem to be some good deals on vintage watches on there but I am obviously a little hesitant.  thanks.
I know a few people that have, and as long as you are careful and buy from the reputable sellers, you're fine.
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In e-bay, beware of copy watches.
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Has anyone ever bought a watch off of ebay? There seem to be some good deals on vintage watches on there but I am obviously a little hesitant.
I'd be hesitant, too. I've bought many things on eBay, but vintage watches are, by their nature, delicate, which means a warranty of some kind is extremely valuable. Some eBay dealers may offer warranty service on watches, but I doubt most do, so I wouldn't pay the same price online as I would at a local shop.
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I'm wondering - is there anyone else here who doesn't wear a watch? I don't...can't stand the feel of them around my wrist (or really any jewelry for that matter), and if I need to know the time I can just look at my cellphone. The only jewelry-like thing I carry around with me is an old silver ST Dupont lighter. Sometimes I feel like it looks sort of odd, though, you just expect to see a watch on a person's wrist.
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Stone: I usually don't wear one either. For me it's a conscious choice; I feel less harried and stressed when I don't wear a watch. But I'm fortunate enough to be in business for myself, and don't have many of the time constraints other people do.
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I wear mine around my neck.
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I've always hated wearing watches because of the feel on my wrist, until I was given a really nice one. It took a while to get used to, but now when I don't wear one it feels weird.
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I had been bought a watch awhile back and I wore it a couple times, but couldn't stand it. Then I found a great deal on a Gucci watch so I went and purchased it, and there hasn't been a day that I didn't have it on. I've had it for a year and have already had to replace the strap on it, but it's kept prefect time.
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