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Hello, i play lacrosse and i am here to ask and communicate about certain hairstyles!

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Hi everyone! Looking forward to joining the conversation. I'm in NYC

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Hello everyone, my name is Matt. I'm a 22 year old IT analyst, but am planning on starting my own clothing line in the near future.


I've been working on dressing nicer more often now. I like to wear nicer clothes no matter where I'm going due to the confidence level I get from it. 


Some of my favorite brands are:

Polo Ralph Lauren


Brooks Brothers


Vineyard Vines

Michael Kors



There are others, but I prefer the classic preppy brands. Anyway, hope to become an active member to this site and learn a few things about fashion that I might not know yet.

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Hello all,


Here to gain knowledge and get some inspiration for dressing.

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Greetings.  I'm from Philadelphia, working in higher education IT, and dressing it up at work.  Summer in Philadelphia isn't exactly prime suit/blazer season, but I do my best.  The rest of the time, I enjoy Philadelphia's local beer culture and delicious vegan food.

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Hi all, I have lurked the forum for a while and finally went and signed up. I look forward to learning a lot from everyone here.

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Hey guys, Tony here from New Zealand. New here and looking forward to contributing.

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Hey, long time loiterer, time to start contributing


I'm Charlie, I own & am deep into streetwear.



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Hello gentlemen, have been reading the forum for a month or so and finally joined.
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sunnysummer here. Hope pleased communication with all of your guys.

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I'm Mike. Just signed up, wondering who's out there from the UK?


I used to be a 247 jeans guy but as I've got a little older I've really started to appreciate a good pair of utilitarian cargos. Lots of pockets for ipods, phones etc. I still wear tshirts all year round - they are my one true love. Being in the graphics game I've designed quite a few over the years too.


Feel free to say Hi.

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hi al im new here just dropping in to say hi and im looking forward to contributing and getting good tips, all the best

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hey errbody,


           joined so i can sell you some RetroSuperFuture sunglasses i have. I used to have a business in Jacksonville, FL which has recently closed down and just trying to get rid of what items i have left at reasonable prices. Actually the best prices that you will get.

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New guy here. Signing in. Very informative forum. Hoping to learn a lot here.

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Hello, all, how are you doing? I'm hoping to learn lots of good tips about style.
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